We dancers always have a lot of questions. This Links page will be here as an ever-growing resource! – a good jumping-off point. It has instructional videos in all four styles, along with social dances. This one also has a classifieds section, a dance directory, and message boards.

Ballroom Dance Tube – this site gathers videos from all different places and posts a new one to their site daily. They have videos separated into seven categories: all four styles, then music, tutorials, and interviews.

Ballroom Guide – this has, basically, everything that you need to know. More for serious dancers than casual ones, but has a lot of great resources, like lists of upcoming competitions and workshops, checklists for competitions, and information on nutrition. – DanceCentral has tons of information on steps, technique, and footwork, just to scratch the surface, for all four styles.

Dance Comp Review – this is for everyone. It has fantastic articles of different aspects of competition and a also a lot of info concerning social dance, as well as others that will benefit all dancers.

Dance Forums – a great place to talk about everything about dance!

DanceSport Info – this one is essentially a International Style DanceSport news site. It shows couple information like when they started dancing together and their competition results, as well as official photos.

DanceSport Place – a “virtual studio” for all levels of competitors. I’m not sure how active it actually is, but has a lot of helpful hints and videos on things like arm styling and tanning.

DanceSportTotal – WDSF’s YouTube channel! They upload tons of reels of huge WDSF competitions all over the world. There’s also DanceSportRU, which is in Russian but also broadcasts a lot of top couples and big events.

HipTwisted – here, you can find short videos, mostly single dances, of the world’s top couples in the biggest competitions. They also have photos, couple info, and a pretty great blog.

The WDSF Academy – another YouTube channel by the WDSF packed with video lectures and tips, mostly from high-ranked retired dancers.

World Dance Council – official site of the WDC. Tons of international competition info, also providing photos and competition reels at its YouTube channel, WDC & WDC AL Video Channel.

World DanceSport Federation – the WDSF’s official site. Huge resource for international competitions.


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