Hey there! I’m Anna. I know it’s not much to go off of. I’ll eventually totally reveal myself, but not just yet. Why? I can’t articulate it, but it makes sense in my mind.

International Latin dancer (though I don’t turn my nose up at the other styles – every one of them has its own set of pain).

From New York City and no one in my family dances/d (not that it matters).

I love every style of dance. I was recently asked why I like dance so much and I figured it out – what I love the most about dance is the freedom it gives you; it’s all about living in that moment.

I created this blog to document ballroom life and to answer any questions you might have about it. I first did ballroom in October 2010, then had to stop for a very long time, then started again in 2015. Then last year, I went through a crazy period in my life and, once again, stopped.

And now I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to finally be dancing again!

Anyway, on my first spin in the ballroom, I had tons of questions about ballroom dance life, but no answers. I’m here to answer those questions for all of you!

Thank you for visiting!

My Dance Staples

Capezio footed fishnet seamed tightsEarth Therapeutics gel socksAida Dance Shoes "Karina"


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