Dancing With the Stars 22, week 9: The Semi-Finals

Hi, ballroom dancers!

I know, I know, not cool that I didn’t post this last week. I was extremely busy with school and working overtime on days I don’t usually work. Like, I have had ZERO time for literally anything.

Let’s be real, there’s no way in life that I could have NOT found out who went home. I’m pissed off. I’m more than fine with Antonio going home, but Wanya shouldn’t have. OK, let’s talk about last week’s show before the final airs tonight! Can you believe how fast time goes?

Dancing With the Stars season 22, week 9: The Semi-Finals

Dancing With the Stars season 22, week 9: The Semi-Finals

Round 1: Trios
Paige & Mark/Alan: “People know I’m engaged”? Just my opinion, but I’m almost certain Mark is already married – unless BC Jean is like Topanga and got him an engagement ring. Content packed! From pictures, I thought this samba looked almost exactly like Shawn Johnson’s in s15, but this was very different. That trio samba roll was a little awkward, but it’s to be expected – I guess when three people are doing a roll together, you don’t have much room to bend. Paige had SUCH good foot placement in this dance, which is difficult to do when you’re barefoot (I also just really hate when people dance barefoot). Very fun, very playful. Erin, can we NOT do the high school romance inquisition? Nobody cares. On the other hand, her dress is gorgeous. OOH, and I really liked the trick where Alan spin-threw her into Mark – THAT was hella cool.

Antonio & Sharna/Hayley: even though I wonder why they didn’t pick Karina (or anyone, for that matter) Hayley is such a pretty girl. Antonio’s face looks like he’s trying very hard and it’s not sexy at all. I really don’t have anything to say about that dance. I like the costumes though.

Wanya & Lindsay/Witney: WOW, Carrie Ann is…I can’t write the word that I think of her for that turn. How could she talk to somebody like Wanya that way and yet lavish Antonio with so much praise? That was so disgusting. I am ABOUT these girls’ costumes. He looks fantastic – he’s lost so much weight. Wanya is one of the few male contestants I’ve seen who dances the paso with the authority he should. Watching that great dance just made me more angry the way he’s been thrown off to the side all season. 10/10/10 well deserved.

Nyle & Peta/Jenna: Nyle and jive will likely not end too well. Another one I don’t understand why they didn’t pick Karina – remember s13? First trio ever, Peta picked Karina and she won with Donald. ACK I’m struggling, Converse make dudes’ feet look super flat in jive. And this dance is making cheaters look too cute. Peta definitely used Karina’s move from her trio jive! Hmf. That dance was rough. WHOA – 9/9/9 for, I’m sorry, a very messy dance? When Wanya slipped ONCE last week and he got 8/8/9. I smell a rat, people. Regardless, Peta might have tried too put too much content in – that may have made him more prone to falling off time. Maybe they should have done single-time instead.

Whoo, Hayley is definitely taking ballroom lessons because she is improving FAST.

Ginger & Val/Artem: speaking as a makeup artist, they put way too much bronzer on Artem’s chest. But I’m glad to see him here because I like him a lot. Okay, Ginger is dancing way better here than she did in the week before – more ferocious. I’m wondering if Artem’s the one that got it out of her. I’m actually surprised she got 9/9/9. I daresay maybe “They” don’t want her to win.

Round 2:
Paige & Mark – I like they they talked about her dance experience. She’s not trying to deny it. These bullying stories are awful. But I love Paige’s story about finding a different side of herself. It hits close to home, because people always think they know me too. She has grown so much – she went from this shy girl that could barely look these gorgeous men in the eye to that bombshell seductress that danced this Argentine tango that made you barely able to breathe with all the heat coming out of it. Loved how they used the set and the wardrobe. Rawr. Ohhhh my gosh…that was…so sexy. I can’t even find the words. My apartment just fogged up. Even the ballroom is in shock – did you see how quiet the audience was? 10/9/10 – UNDERSCORED. I’d like to thank the audience for booing Len. Their score for the night was 59 – that dance ALONE should have gotten a score of 59. I hope she wins.

So nice to see Bindi back.

Antonio & Sharna – WOW, he’s great with lifts. Easily his best dance. Good for him. 9/9/10?! Crap, I think they could have actually given him a perfect score for that one.

I really liked that Argentine tango with Witney and Artem – but she stumbled once or twice. Makes me wonder if he’s as aggressive in his lead as he looked in that dance.

Wanya & Lindsay – Charleston is gonna be so good for him! Wonder why his connection is so much better in this dance than it was when he did ballroom dances. The dance ended and I teared up because he so deserved to be in the final. I can’t believe they pushed him out like that. I think it is now glaringly obvious that had he not been so brutally underscored, the finale lineup would have been different. A shame. THE TWERK! Ha!

Nyle & Peta – what a pretty dress for Peta! Ok, I hope this doesn’t come out wrong, but the fact that he is deaf does not make him the victim that this show and most people are making him out to be. It’d be different if he lost his hearing at some point in his life, but he was born deaf, so for him it’s just his reality and he has not lost anything. That being said, I didn’t see what the point was of making him dance blindfolded and I think putting him in cropped pants was a mistake – it just made his feet look stompier and his legs look weaker. But he nailed the mood of it and he interacted with Peta beautifully.

Ginger & Val – I can completely see Alexandra Perzhu in this dress – it is absolutely STUNNING. Did I ever mention I love watching Val do standard? Oh dear…Ginger suddenly got back to the cheerleader faces and her body is suddenly doing the robot. What HAPPENED?

We all know what happened at the end. Antonio went home and so did that incredible Wanya. So passionate, hardworking, entertaining, and most of all, positive. The reason his elimination hurts so much, at least for me, is because Wanya is not even just someone I want to see on my tv screen – people with that degree of positivity are the kind of people I want around me in my LIFE.

Ah well…we still have Paige and Nyle. I think the way they are scored will say a lot about the intentions of what I call “The People Upstairs”. Hopefully they both get all 10s so the chips can fall where they may. Or not really, as the votes from last week are going to go towards the final (weird that they did that), so maybe Paige gets a slight advantage. I’m ok with that.

I guess we’ll see!


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