Dancing With the Stars 22, week 8: Judges’ Choice

Happy Tuesday, ballroom dancers! How’s it going???

Not much here. I worked all weekend and didn’t have much to do. Saturday during a 12-hour shift, I watched three *NSYNC concerts in a row. It was AWESOME.

Onto last night’s DWTS episode!

Embed from Getty Images

Okay…didn’t quite get that opening number, but that’s just me.

Nyle & Peta – the fudging with colors is actually really cool. He is still kind of heavy on his feet. The silent section was a pretty risky move to make, and I’m wondering if it would have backfired had lit up the entire floor instead of spotlighting Nyle. Why am I the only one not having an emotional reaction? I was kind of just like, eh, pretty good. 10,9,10. I think that’s appropriate, as his posture is still not fantastic.

Antonio & Sharna – HE’S PRACTICING BY HIMSELF?! What’s the miracle? “Vinnemese waltz…” oh goodness 0_o random, but whoever did Sharna’s makeup for practices did an incredible job. AHH, I love these costumes! I love when people use navy blue instead of black. Antonio has definitely improved, but he could stand to relax the top line. His rise and fall is actually really impressive. I wish he’d been so committed at the beginning of the season…9/9/9? Maybe overscored by a point, but I’m not too mad.

BINDIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!! She looks so good!

Of course, Val’s shirt has to come open -_-

What the cheese is James Corden doing choreographing for Dancing With the Stars?

Jodie & Keo – I didn’t even notice that KEO was the one that messed up! Good for Jodie. Too bad she went home. I love her loyalty to Keo – he really is sweet. This is a great dance for her! The legs in this dance and her jive technique are giving me LIFEEEEEEEE. 10/10/10 – so I guess she was the shocking elim this season. Hate when that happens – I would have thought she’d at LEAST make the semi final (week 9?). But she just happened to get cast on DWTS on a season that was RIFE with talent and strong competition. She really went on a high note, though.

Paige & Mark – it bears repeating – their jive last week was amazing. Oh, Mark, you weirdo. I love this guy. OK, the use of lighting WITH the smoke? Gorgeous effect. I think she’s hitting the accents just a hair too hard for VWaltz, but maybe that’s just her style. 10/9/9? Um…why? If Jodie got a 30, Paige should have gotten a 60.

Ginger & Val – still don’t understand why their dance last week got the first perfect score of the season…but this is probably gonna be good. He used Derek tricks! What is she smiling about during this dance? She really does perform like a cheerleader…10/10/10? Not quite merited. I’m not quite saying she did anything wrong, but nothing about her dancing excites or grabs me.

Wanya & Lindsay – yeah, I definitely noticed he’s lost a LOT of weight. Good for him. OOOH, decked in the mouth! Ouchy. HA, the couch tipped! Why did I choose NOW to watch Amber’s freestyle? (Rhetorical question, but the answer is: I was wondering if the set was the same. It isn’t.) I feel like Wanya is taking oddly big steps, is it just me? Homie also needs to shut his thighs a bit…ohhh, and he slipped on Linds’ bandana and fell off. 8/8/9? I don’t think it was THAT serious.

Jodie and Ginger were on the top of the leaderboard…WOW, I didn’t realize how wrong that was until Tom said it.

Artem and Witney’s bumper was super cute, but I wonder why she was dancing jive in Smooth shoes.

The Judges’ Choice Dances:

I hear all the teams got the same scores, which is fine because they really did even the playing field by pairing together the teams they did.

Team Bruno (Nyle & Peta, Jodie & Keo) – Bruno is so ridiculous and I can’t stop laughing at him. OOO, same sex dancing? I think I like it. But we’ll see – it all comes down to execution. It was good – VERY nice, but didn’t have the intensity I’m used to. I think that’s partly because Jodie was really focused on having a LOT of control, though she did misstep more than once. OMG, I can’t deal with Bruno, I’m crying hahahaaaaaaaa

Team Len (Wanya & Lindsay, Ginger & Val) – THAT WAS THE WORST FARMER’S TAN I’VE EVER SEEN *covers eyes* Len is almost as funny as Bruno, I’m actually LOLing at “O-ver, here we go, yummy, yummy, where’s my mummy”. Aww, this is such an old people samba. I think Wanya actually did a terrific job of matching Val and I’m cracking up at Wanya’s 6 – pack. It was nice to see Len dance in that, actually. Val’s crack about being able to have fun because he wasn’t judging, so funny. But that shouldn’t have been given any 10s, because it was so fluffy and not even Wanya could save it.

Team Carrie (Paige & Mark, Antonio & Sharna) – oh my, Antonio can be a charmer. That lift Antonio and Paige did was PERFECTION – I would go so far as to call it the highlight of the entire episode. My other favorite part was the part at the end where they all stood while it rained on them – that was hella sexy. 10/10/9 – America got that one SO wrong!

And then there’s a double elimination next week…oh dear, it’s going to be ugly…

I am really, really REALLY hoping for a Paige/Wanya/Nyle finale. Anything other than that just literally wouldn’t make no sense. Am I crazy?


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