Dancing With the Stars 22, week 7: Icons

Hello, ballroom dancers!! Happy Wednesday!

Yes, this blog is coming later than usual, but I had a weird few days. I found out I was getting a new apartment, then I had to move over the two days that I was working 11 hour shifts. Time wasn’t on my side, really. Ah well! It’s working out great so far. It’s only been three days in the new arrangement, but I’m happy.

So, week 7 on DWTS was for…Icons? Okaaaaayyyyy…..

And lemme just throw it out there – TWO songs this week that Derek has already choreographed to. With the same partner! So I’m gonna have high standards for those…

I know that Kim and Von left, which is sad. Quite honestly, I was hoping it was going to be Antonio and Ginger and that we’d get Kim (with the best partnership) and Von (who is at least TRYING) for another week. Oh well :/

Embed from Getty Images

The opening number was cute. I actually really like Tony and Lindsay dancing together.

Jodie & Keo – Keo is very sweet. I don’t know what about this dance is making me so happy, but I just have a big smile on my face. I don’t see a high point of contact in their frame (like Victor & Anastasia talked about), or really any at all…but she did some beautiful things with her arms and the whole dance seemed very whimsical and light, which was a nice change. I really liked the choreography. 8,9,9 – YAY! So happy for her and Keo!

Kim & Sasha – this woman is ageless. OMG this looks EXACTLY like Derek’s choreography! LOVE it. I don’t see hip action at all…and if there’s one dance we NEED hips in, it’s the samba. Maybe her core isn’t connected to her legs? Or maybe it was the sneakers. Cracking up at Sasha Magic Mike-ing and waving his vest in the air. 9,9,9 – good for them. Either way, I’m really proud of both of them and they’ve truly been a pleasure to watch. Happy belated birthday to Sasha’s mommy!

Nyle & Peta – what in the cheese was Len going on about? Oooo, gorgeous costuming here – Peta’s gown is one of my favorites all season. I probably would have put Nyle in gray, but he’s wearing pink well too. His frame has definitely improved, but his posture is still kind of off somehow. Another scoring snafu?! What is happening here?

That Jenna/Shannon/Hayley bumper…eh. Not necessary.

Okay, but Bruno literally beating himself up and Tom’s crack about partying in the eighties cracked me up.

Antonio & Sharna – he suddenly wants to work? Is he putting in more rehearsal time? Okay, that beginning of the dance was creepy. DAMN, TROMPA! That’s the Spanish word for “horn” – his pout was SERIOUS. Their legs never look like they’re doing the same thing. He could have relaxed his shoulders…like, a lot. He nailed the head snaps. I really liked the staging of this and the costumes, though, and I forgot how much I like that song. Shout out to the hair and makeup department. Ooo, wardrobe malfunction. 8,8,8 – the score is appropriate, I guess.

Wanya & Lindsay – still wish that Joey had crashed the dance floor during the performance last week. This is a pretty nasty edit – he was trying to clear his schedule and the spin is that he is an egomaniac throwing a tantrum. I swear Lindsay has spun gold for hair. Wanya needs to relax his shoulders, too, and the syncopations end up looking more hip-hop than they should. 9,9,9 – fair.

Ginger & Val – Val looks nice. But he has an odd way of thinking. I feel like – he really is a competitor at heart and I don’t think he knows how to be anything else. I think he needs to get a partner to really challenge him to see what he’s made of. I feel like there’s something we didn’t get to see in the package. There was way too much tension to just have been the fact that he was pushing her harder than normal. Also, what is up with those progressive forward walks to promenade and facing position in every Viennese waltz? I guess they’re a DWTS required step? But I’ve never seen that in a dance competition…anyway, she was a little stiff in the shadow position. She’s trying so hard to stay in her frame and old her posture that she looks super tense. This was a lovely dance, and I’m so glad they danced through the WHOLE song. 10,10,10? Eh. There wasn’t anything wrong with the dance, but I don’t think it was perfect, either. There have been dances from other competitors that should have been 30s…but that’s just me. I really like seeing Val be this raw and honest and sweet to her. It reminds me of one time when he saw me in the studio, grabbed me, and pulled me into a bear hug, saying, “This GIRL! She’s so FRESH! She’s so ORGANIC!” I was in there, confused, like…was that a compliment? I had to ask people. I really feel like the scores had more to do with the package.

Von & Witney – these costumes are GREAT. I already know right off the bat which lipstick she’s wearing. “No, who’s Elvis?” HAAAA! Oh, this was a lift Karina used with Apolo Ohno! AHH I love the beginning of this dance! Cute choreography and I see hips here! This is such a good dance for him! It goes perfectly with his personality. So fun. It would have been so nice if he hung around another week. It took a long time for him to grow on me, but he was a lot of fun. 8,8,8 – could they NOT have thrown him a 9? For shame.

Paige & Mark – this song was done by Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough in the finale, right before the winner was announced, and it is my all-time favorite. Mark is crazy, so I’m excited to see this jive. IS MARK MARRIED?! We’re just gonna ignore the ring on his finger? Sheesh. I LOVE this look on her. She’s already gorgeous, but the read lips are beautiful on her. She could use a little more tightness in her thighs and pull her arms in more on her turns, and pull her knees up higher, but I love the sass from her here – it’s a totally different side of her. This choreography was INSANE and she was on top of EVERY STEP! Mark’s face when the dance ended was just like ROAR! Yes, Tom, I WANT TO SEE IT AGAIN TOO!!! 10,10,10 – YYYYYESSSSS! Well deserved!

Team James Brown – I love Von looking up the moves. Von wearing that cape is too funny. But I loved seeing them put Nyle in the front so the other men could pick up his timing. That – and all the rest of it – was real teamwork. Clean, well-executed, and super fun to watch – and that is a combination in a team dance that wins every time. 9,9,10? Fair, I guess?

Team Beyonce – Mark and Val are a great choreography pair and a lovely dance couple. I think they should perform together, a la Slavik and…I wanna say it was Franco Formica? There was a man Slavik did a cha cha show with a few years back and it was a riot. (I CAN’T FIND IT.) Anyway, the waning confidence thing here makes me sad. Women need to just own it. This is a crappy medley of songs. I do like that they deviated from the “30 seconds at the beginning all together, 30 seconds at the end all together, and then we each have a solo”, but it didn’t work as well as it should have because nothing really gelled – and the saddest part was that only Paige looked like she was having fun.

So I don’t even know who I think should go next week or the week after – I really just want Wanya, Paige, and Nyle to be the top three, because if they aren’t, this show will have lost a lot of credibility. Wait, now we have six people left…so I guess it remains to be seen if they do a four-couple final or another double elimination. That’d seem the most logical course of action, but logic doesn’t seem to play a huge role in this show anyway.

Who do you want for the final?


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