Dancing With the Stars 22, week 4: Disney Night

Hi there, ballroom dancers!

I’m still trying to process the workshops on Saturday! They all were awesome.

Let’s talk about Disney Night – it’s a big deal.

Dancing With the Stars season 22, week 4: Disney Night

Dancing With the Stars season 22, week 4: Disney Night

I did like that opening number and the lights everywhere – very nice spectacle. Still don’t really see the point of having Zendaya guest judge. Then again, I don’t even understand why Len is back.

Antonio & Sharna – the update to Antonio’s costume was brilliant. Okay, I LOVED that dance! He looked like he was actually having fun. The thing is, he seems to be really into hitting accents super hard and doesn’t seem aware that dance is how you fill up the time in between those counts (Slavik Kryklyvyy taught me that XD ). Maybe a point or two overscored. Ah well, this time I’m not mad at it. I hope he can relax into this experience – he will become much more likable that way.

Marla & Tony – he jumped the table to kiss Len? Tony is way funnier than they make him look on the show. Her costume was GORGEOUS when I saw it on Instagram, but maybe they should have used sequin rope, because the scales are barely visible. She is a beautiful redhead. She looks so nervous, but the waltz just looks gorgeous on her body. It was a sweet dance. Sad she went home. The picture of her and her daughter as mermaids was so cute – she looks exactly the same. WOW, UNDERSCORED!

Maks is just always around, huh?

That bumper featuring Alan/Shannon and the tiger from Zootopia? Um…awkward.

Nyle & Peta – was that Marla’s wig?! HAAAA! Seeing him scrambling around and falling was hysterical. Anyway, Peta looks gorgeous. Seems no one properly taught him about bounce action so most of his samba figures looked kind of flat or like he had more of a rise and fall (but that happens with almost everyone), and he probably should have bent farther back on those shadow rolls, but HOLY HIPS on those cruzado walks!

I can’t get over how beautiful Peta looks today. The makeup team did an incredible job this episode.

Doug & Karina – WOW, he and I think a lot alike, but that was a bad edit – he loses his cool for a second and that’s suddenly all we see when we know that isn’t how he is. I wanna know where she gets her practice clothes because I need some. Cute choreography, but he really is so in his own head all the time – you can tell he is nervous. Karina, I think, is the most creative when it comes to choreographing lifts and tricks. Anyway, I’m glad we’re going to be getting at least two more dances out of him – Switch-Up is next week and I think he actually will do great with Peta.

Kim & Sasha – I always look forward to seeing their packages. I am literally LOLing at him burping and then blowing in her face and the “imagination” part of the package was so funny, I can’t deal. Actually quite liked this arrangement of the song. Anyway, I think these have become the middle of the pack couple – pleasant to watch, good performances, no drama. They’re just not “offensive”. But GOD, I love them – and it’s clear Sasha has learned a LOT from Derek.

Minnie Mouse is a pimp – all those beautiful men around her and she still picks Mickey. I think I saw the latest Bachelor in the ballroom. Maybe it’s just someone that looks like him. Ooh, Leona Lewis! Gorgeeeeoooouuuussss.

Jodie & Keo – the person faffing about with the pinata head was hilarious. Ok, maybe this isn’t what actually happened, but I think he taught her rhythm cha cha because her legs were both bent the entire time, and that was what was wrong with this dance, I think, because I think she really would have benefited from more SNAP. She fell off time and Keo was absolutely trying to pull her focus back to him, but at that point, she was so thrown off she never got back on. But I hope she stays around a while longer – I like her and actually like what I’m seeing out of Keo.

Von & Witney – Witney is a perfect Cinderella. That bun is everything and her gown is just unbelievable. (I have to wonder how much it costs.) AHH, the carriage! I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY HE ALWAYS LOOKS SO STOMPY. On the other hand, I really liked the Von I saw in this dance. Huge improvement.

Ginger & Val – at random times, it shocks me how much he looks like Maks. OMG, why is Val such a funny Gaston? I like the choreography, ya know….once the first thirty seconds passed and she and Val actually started dancing. What the hell? She and Val danced together one minute and literally half the routine was her…screwing around. OVERSCORED. A 36?! I call BS.Β  And he says they wanted Disney week to be about content? But she didn’t foxtrot for HALF her song…

I want those light-up Mickey ears and Artem and Edyta’s bumper was BEAUTIFUL.

Wanya & Lindsay – he needs to not put so much stock in the scores because could really screw him. AHH, the makeup job here! Everything is hitting a little hard for a samba, but holy crap was this a difficult routine and did he dance the stuffing out of it! I’m going to go back and watch that. His shadow rolls were SUPER smooth. I’m with Len “Some call it samba, some call it somba. I call it fantastic.” I call EMMY BAIT. If this is indeed Lindsay’s choreo – and I’ve heard she hasn’t yet used an outside choreographer – she’s next in line for an Emmy. And I love his mindset about only wanting to be better than himself. Carrie Ann gave him an 8?! WTF?! Grrrrrrrr -_-

Paige & Mark – Chuck Liddell was around last week?! Hah. I love this. Anyway, great choreography, danced so impressively, she had GREAT control, and their connection in frame was just impeccable. I’m going to start actually voting next week, and I’m definitely throwing her some! Yes, Mark, props to hair and makeup.

I’m very baffled as to how Ginger and Paige got the same score and Wanya’s dance got a point less than Ginger’s did. Something is not right.

Whatever, the damage is done. Lemme tell you the Switch-Up couples!

Antonio gets Karina.
Nyle gets Sharna. (I guess. I was hoping he’d get Karina.)
Doug & Peta (I think this one will be very good, actually.)
Kim & Keo (eh, maybe?)
Jodie & Val (I hear everyone originally wanted this pairing)
Von & Lindsay (basically he’s getting Witney’s “twin”)Ginger & Mark (that actually WILL go well)
Wanya & Witney
Paige & Sasha (ooooo, looking forward to this)

It always drives me crazy when the Switch-Up comes and someone gets the pro that dances most like their original one does. ACK. That’s why I was happy in s21 when Bindi got Val.

Also, Maks is guest judge next week. He was pretty decent before, so I think I’m fine with it…but if he gives Val and then Val’s partner perfect scores “Because I can”? Then we’ll have to question things.


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