Dancing With the Stars 22, week 3: Most Memorable Year and Dance Legends Workshops

Hi there, ballroom dancers!

I don’t have much to say about anything except my keyboard is kind of crapping out.

So, let’s talk about Most Memorable Year.

Dancing With the Stars season 22, week 3: Most Memorable Year

Dancing With the Stars season 22, week 3: Most Memorable Year

Ginger & Val – cute package. Right away, it looks like Bindi and Derek’s contemporary, right down to the costumes. But I will say this – Ginger is really good with her arms and legs. WOW, that baby has an impressive set of lungs.

Doug & Karina – Doug’s story of his parents is the most tragic and romantic thing I’ve ever heard. Just Karina’s instructions “You’re saying bye to your soulmate” turned me into a blubbering mess. I don’t feel like he did much, but some things are beyond technique – though he’s so much more solid and graceful on the floor now. Too bad he tripped up – that was such a beautiful dance. The entire ballroom is dead silent – I’ve never seen that. And Karina’s dress and the hair accessory are so simple and stunning. She’s such a great designer. It makes me so much more excited for this weekend (wait till you hear this!)!

Kim & Sasha – she’s a little more reserved than usual – EEK! MISS GARRETT! RIKER! Kim could use a little more roundness in her arms, but she and Sash were adorable as always.

OK, it’s official now. I have fallen hard in love with Shannon.

Von & Witney – Von’s mom is a BAMF. Sorry, but I can’t help but think of Mike Tyson doing that drum riff whenever I hear this song. Geez, this is a strapping fellow. He obviously rocked the lifts and gave it a good effort – he supported Witney more than he danced…but, that’s him…I guess? He still seems to move kind of small – but maybe it’s because he’s got so much muscle mass – that restricts movement. He just doesn’t seem very comfy with the entire DWTS spectacle.

Marla & Tony – I love when people choose happy stories! She’s a little tentative and could use more sharpness in her kicks and she should have thrown her weight forward a little more…and her skirt should have been at least another six inches shorter, but she gave it a good try! But good energy and thank GOD she got that out of the way early. And so funny how Tony’s half dead and she barely even broke a sweat.

Antonio’s kid is ADORABLE dancing to “Happy”!!!

Antonio & Sharna – very nice to see a smile on that handsome face. I SEE HEEL LEADS! His rise and fall is kind of jerky, but at least it looks like he understands the concept. Okay, that segment at the end with Antonio Jr just tugs at the heartstrings. Len is a horrible human being for giving that a 6.

Disney Night next week! They’ve taken to having that, what, every other season? But it never disappoints πŸ™‚

Paige & Mark – this is more a contemporary than a paso, but I’m okay with that. The Spanish lines that Paige hit and little accents with flamenco arms were gorgeous. So unique and executed perfectly. I love Mark’s pasos because he is the only one I’ve seen in my life who EVER choreographs a dance where the woman fights just as much as the man does, instead of just a man throwing around his cape. I don’t even know what to say other than this dance was brilliantly choreographed and MAGNIFICENTLY staged. 8,7,8? Um….no. I don’t know what I would have given it, but DEFINITELY it was underscored.

Jodie & Keo – so brave of her to tell that story. WHAT a perfect song choice – and beautifully sung! I think Jodie and Keo are growing together beautifully. Her extensions were absolutely stunning and she already looks better in hold. And she performed amazingly – like, we lived it with her.

Still not watching the judges’ critiques, but I’m catching scores, if accidentally at times. I have to ask – is it me, or are the judges being super stingy with points this season?

Mischa & Artem – I hope gets a good one next season. She finally cracked a smile and it made her way better to watch. I hope Artem gets a good one next season.

Wanya & Lindsay – okay, not to be a buzzkill, but I was hanging out with my neighbor during the live show. We only caught this one and Mischa’s dances live. I thought I was hearing things wrong, and then my neighbor turned to me, incredulous, and asked what I was thing: “Are they dancing to the national anthem?” I didn’t quite get it either. Anyway, he got a little hoppy at times, but was actually very smooth. The only thing I could say is I didn’t get HIT with that Wanya rush of excitement. It’s to be expected though. One more thing: I did love the costuming and Lindsay’s dress, but…where’s the rest of it? It hardly seemed appropriate. (To my neighbor, too!)

Nyle & Peta – I love how he chose the year he traveled around the world. Because usually, everyone basically picks the year they became famous or the year they lost someone. That’s why this theme week gets repetitive to me…oh well. So I love Nyle’s choice of year and I think he is so brave! And yes, Carrie Ann’s comments were stupid and I love that Peta called her out. This was jam-packed and I have zero idea how Nyle hit every step as sharply as he did. If anything, I think he was a little too stuck in his frame and has slightly too much attack, but that isn’t a bad problem to have. But Peta is jam-packing every dance, and I’m not sure why – this is the reason we don’t see a lot of light and shade in a routine from them. Anyway, I heard the beginning of Carrie Ann’s critiques! Can you say BACKPEDAL? Scored appropriately, I think.

SO! I mentioned this weekend. It’s Dance Legends!

And I’m sadly not going to see the shows, but I am going to the workshops!!! YEEEAAAHHH! Matt will be thrilled when he finds out.

2016 Dance Legends Workshops

2016 Dance Legends Workshops

All this means is I have to practice hardcore for the next four days. (Three? Three and a half?) I will tell you all about it after!

What did you think about Most Memorable Year Week? Or about Dance Legends? Anyone going? Am I crazy for going to these workshops when I haven’t danced in like 4 months? Now I’m freaking myself out…

I hope there will be time to take down notes in between classes…


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