Dancing With the Stars 22, week 2: Latin Night

Hello, ballroom dancers! Happy Tuesday!

I’ve got a bar class in a little bit, but I’ll try and squeeze this in before then πŸ™‚ Let’s talk about last night’s show! Latin Night was, well…interesting, I guess. The dances felt really rushed, which is too bad, but what can one expect from week 2 with so many contestants…

Another thought: Latin Night shouldn’t have to only be Latin dances. I mean, I know of plenty of songs in Spanish that are waltzes, Viennese waltzes, or ballroom tangos. Seems kinda narrowminded, if you ask me. Anyhoo…week 2 dances after the jump!

Dancing With the Stars season 22, week 2: Latin Night

Dancing With the Stars season 22, week 2: Latin Night

Jodie & Keo – again…not the time for a meltdown. Loved her dress, Keo’s tattoos, and how she hit her accents! Huge improvement for Keo, too – way more content than her tango last week. And she looked FIERCE! It could have been a little “dirtier”, but dirty samba is just my personal preference.

Marla & Tony – Marla’s diet is probably why she looks my age, but it sounds horrendous. She pulled this off – and I’m loving seeing two friends have such great chemistry on the dance floor. The one complaint I have here, as with most of Tony’s partners in the A.tango, is that she danced so soft. It would have been great to see a little more sharpness and attack, but she is a keeper, for sure.

Geraldo & Edyta – the whole time, I was just thinking, “Geraldo, AWW” (along with “I REALLY hate that song”). I loved Edyta’s dress – reminds me of this one of Liana’s. Sad he went home because he was sweet and actually seemed like he WANTED to be there. Even so, the applause in the ballroom afterward was just so painfully awkward 😦 But whatever, political content aside, I think people get too easily butthurt because I thought this dance was HYSTERICAL.

Paige & Alan (Mark) – okay, I daresay she wasn’t hurt by not having Mark because her dance with Alan was HOT. HOWEVER…I hope Mark gets well. Anyway, she fell off time a couple times and she was oddly “swingy” in the arms on the basics. But DAMN if she didn’t keep up with every step and do it beautifully and look so SEXY doing it! Yaaaassss, Paige. Either way, I’m super impressed with her and Alan’s ability to put out that dance with two hours.

Antonio & Sharna – he got suckered into saying he’s the better dancer of the NFL players – not good. I’m not even sure what was happening here – I see a lot of him running around and pulling Sharna into a line. Not in a bad way, just it’s less than I was expecting. They nailed the crap out of the chemistryΒ  part, though.

Kim & Sasha – I can’t deal. They’re too cute. And don’t hate me, but a lot of the content in this routing was Derek’s. I swear. Anyway, I think she got lost somewhere, but I’m not entirely sure because neither she nor Sasha showed it at all.

Nyle & Peta – okay, there wasn’t a lot of the light and shade here that rumba’s supposed to have. There was attention to technique, because Nyle hit some BEAUTIFUL lines and lunges…when he wasn’t darting around, whipping Peta around at the speed of light. And is it me, or was Peta dancing extra violently? I also noticed there wasn’t a ton of actual rumba timing – and I think the reason for that is because I would imagine it’s actually really hard to teach rumba timing to someone who can’t hear the music. Especially with the song they had – I doubt there were a ton of vibrations for Nyle to feel through the floor. Either way, Nyle is a revelation.

Mischa & Artem – her attitude really depresses me. Maybe as a recovering addict, she doesn’t feel like Artem is being “nurturing” enough, and I guess he just doesn’t know what to do to fix it. But to me, it’s looking like Artem is at least trying and Mischa is not – or maybe it’s something else that is just coming off cold to me. I don’t know why, but this season is making me love him way more than I did. (Not that I ever disliked him.) I didn’t look at the critiques or the scores, but did see her face fall and then she ran off. This can’t be easy, to have your recovery all over television.

Von & Witney – “Drill Sergeant Barbie”? I think that’s hilarious, actually. Anyway, not a ton of cha cha in here, a LOT of hip hop that will probably get them lambasted very, very soon. But the issue here that while Von looks way more likeable than Antonio, his behavior does make you wonder how seriously he’s taking the show. Either way, I’ll be honest – for all the NFL hype, neither Von nor Antonio is doing it for me this season.

Wanya & Lindsay – WHY ARE THEY SO PERFECTTTTTT?! They get along great, Wanya is a riot (“I know I’m gonna bring my A game. I’m gonna bring the whole alphabet.”), and they have the BEST time dancing, and it makes us as audience members have the best time watching them! Just a thought – I can’t tell if Lindsay was just dancing super hard, if it looked that way because of her hair flying, or because Wanya just has a really strong lead. I’m leaning towards the latter. Anyway, Lindsay came up with some absolutely STELLAR choreography and Wanya executed it all to perfection. I doubt I could have danced that entire routine with the speed and precision that he did.

Doug & Karina – AND THE MOST IMPROVED GOES TO! Everyone already threw him off to the side, it felt like, and now he absolutely schooled the young bucks in how you work hard and fight through something. If you ask me, a simple, clean, on-time, aggressive, REAL paso routine beats out a hip-hop diluted anything any day. Plus, in addition to the fact that Doug is kind of a DILF (I mean that in a strictly platonic way), he really is the “sentimental favorite” he was touted as – he’s much more likable and relatable than the other two NFL players…thus why I think he may have a few more weeks left in him. At least, I hope he does.

Ginger & Val – ohhhhhh, I remember Val lighting me UP on some stationary samba walks! Anyway, he could have put more samba into that routine, and used even some more difficult moves than just the ABCs of DWTS samba, because she can actually really dance.

That elimination…ack. I need a drink – I cannot believe someone like Karina can still be in jeopardy in the first elimination. Then again, DWTS doesn’t seem to know how lucky it is to have her. Anyway, Mischa looked kind of disappointed to not be going home. Maybe it’s true what Wendy Williams said – that everyone who does Dancing With the Stars secretly hopes to be eliminated. Eh, that may be true, but I don’t think it’s true for everybody.

Also, I know I said it last week, and I forgot where I noticed it in particular, but I must: DAYUM, is Shannon hottttttttttttt.

What do you think?!


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