Dancing With the Stars 22: The Premiere

Hello again, dancers! Happy Tuesday!

Side note: let’s all send our love, thoughts, and prayers to Brussels. WTF is happening in the world? Hatred is not ever solved with more hatred.

Let’s talk about last night’s show! I heard the judges were really tough on, like…everyone. But I don’t listen to the judges’ critiques…’cause I can see what “They” want whether or not I do.

Dancing With the Stars season 22: The Premiere

Dancing With the Stars season 22: The Premiere

I liked the song from last night’s intro! And the part where they had Doug throw the football to Antonio; that was clever. Oh yeah Len’s back. I guess. This male troupe has showmanship off the charts!

My thoughts on the show after the jump πŸ™‚

Kim & Sasha – she is so fun and I am so glad Sasha is a pro again! And I LOVE THEM TOGETHER. “Did you shock me?” “No…it’s just chemistry.” I am DYING. She really does sell it, which is a huge part of this. She could stand to roll through her feet a little more but her precision and lines are pretty impressive. She obviously had a blast dancing this and the sass on her (as well as this choreography) is giving me life! OK, I looked at when she received scores and it is just as cute as the internet said.

Paige & Mark – I like this girl; she reminds me of myself. I have nothing bad to say about her. I thought she was surprisingly soft and fluid and I can’t figure out why this is, but she is definitely giving me Shawn Johnson vibes. I think Mark will be able to do a lot of great things with her this season. I loved this choreography and this dance was over way too soon. I think of all the women that danced last night, she was the best. She’s gorgeous, I dig this costume. Mark’s, eh. Accidentally saw her scores. GYPPED.

Doug & Karina – MY GODDESS IS BACK IN THE BALLROOM and her partner looks like Matthew McConaughey. But his low tolerance for frustration is something I can relate to. Karina’s gown was the star of the entire premiere for me. He’s not much of a mover and seems to be the type that waits for the accents…but I loved his spirit. Hope they stay around for a little while longer. I love how he called on the fans of his ENTIRE CAREER.

Jodie & Keo – oh sweet Jodie, week 1 is NOT the time to have a meltdown. I really liked this choreography even if it was pretty basic – Jodie made it look REALLY good. I loved her expressions and her precision on the three-point turns is a million times better than mine. UNDERSCORED. But I MUST tell you what my mom said right after their dance – “EWWWW, who is he pointing to? I know he’s not pointing to God because God doesn’t get involved in this stuff.”

Geraldo & Edyta – Geraldo is so cute but DAMN. Give him a ballroom dance. I want him to look good! And I always heard about Edyta being the naked one; she’s dressed super conservatively. Maybe it’s marriage and motherhood. Anyway, I think Geraldo could have benefited from some more actual cha cha rather than just have her dance around him. Also, on his bear comment, I had the same reaction as Erin: “What?!” But now that I think of it, I think that was one of those Puerto Rican “isms” that only make sense in Spanish.

Marla & Tony – she is a DOLL and moves so fluidly, and with surprising ease. She could stand to relax her shoulders a little bit and have a bit more “hip contact” in frame. And the material on her skirt should have been something else. ANYTHING else. She has such a lightening presence and I love the way she conducts herself, especially coming to the subject of Donald. She is a contender, I think – I haven’t seen Tony this giddy since he had Melissa in season 15.

Wanya & Lindsay – as Emma said in her blog: Wanya is the manya. This guy is the whole package: so enthusiastic and excited, ready to work, doesn’t take himself too seriously, and is a GREAT dancer with good technique, LEADS HIS PARTNER, and commands the floor. I feel like I’m watching the winner – if every week is like this, the mirrorball is definitely his. And worth mentioning: Lindsay’s second turn as teaching pro, starting with Alek, has been seriously impressive. I think we have a new girl boss, people! I’m not usually into this silhouette, but HER DRESS ❀ One more thing: I’ve heard the comparisons of Wanya to Alfonso Ribeiro’s skill, Warren Sapp’s personality, and Kyle Massey’s energy. If you ask me, you can’t put together a better trio than that. I want this guy to be my friend.

Ginger & Val – I wish he danced clothed more often because I personally think he looks significantly more dignified. Also, she is hilarious because she actually rendered him speechless and flustered. Okay. She seems, actually, really sweet and kept her timing and has a really good grasp of the steps, though she could stand to lift her knees a bit more in jive. But why is she the only one whose friends in the audience were interviewed? Wait, what? Tom just said THEY COMPARED HER TO BINDI? Um…Ginger was really good, but I don’t think she was that serious.

Okay, that bumper with Shannon and the two girls made me realize he’s even hotter than I thought. But he also is another one who moves like a hip-hop, not ballroom, dancer.

Mischa & Artem – DO NOT LET HER DESIGN HER COSTUME AGAIN. Artem is such a gentleman – he’s obviously trying to make this experience fun for her, but she is so nervous that I think it turned her into a block of wood. Her posture during the dance is really bad and I can’t tell if she’s trying to make sure she’s smaller than Artem (heightwise) or if she just really got the idea of that kind of perpetual “squatted position” in the ballroom dances. I hope she does better next week.

I always thought she would end up being great, but I think Erin’s really grown into her role as cohost. She doesn’t sound like a high schooler anymore and was super kind to everyone in the red room after the judges lambasted basically everyone. (Still not hearing critiques, but I don’t know, I can still tell – you can read demeanor.)

Nyle & Peta – another total package. I couldn’t even hope to cry over any part here because he is just so gracious and happy about everything about this entire experience that you HAVE to be happy with him. Even after her season with Tommy, I’m gaining a new level of respect for Peta. Shirt opened, typical. Anyway, he stayed COMPLETELY on time, but I don’t know if they’ll be able to mess around a ton with syncopations (just a thought). He is a pretty decent natural mover, though a little clompy, that is, heavy on his feet. I guess they didn’t get to go through a lot concerning weight change, but he is so charming because he is so sweet and he will become a GREAT dancer. Downside: I have never liked that lip color on Peta.

Antonio & Sharna – good GOD, this guy is HOTTTTT, and I think he knows it – that smile is making me giggly. He reminds me of my friend Troy, who is hilarious but always kills jokes because he grossly overuses them. Antonio’s dance was not bad at all, but I actually was expecting more “explosion” from his performance; I don’t know why this is, but the way he danced it made it look more like a foxtrot than a quickstep. He seemed to be afraid to attack it full throttle, which I hope won’t be a problem when he gets a Latin dance. But he’s got natural skill and it seems like the hot story this season will be Antonio vs. Von, which could work in his favor.

Even between dances, Len looks so cranky that even looking at him is making me cringe.

Von & Lindsay – that height difference is bonkers, but I cracked up at Witney trying to tackle him. He has the same game face is Antonio, that is, “SMILE!” I felt like he walked through it, but that could be due to trying to be “smooth” in the foxtrot. Von could get more extension and move bigger, but he hit some pretty nice lines with his arms. And I think he actually has naturally pretty good posture. But Witney’s dress is an odd one.

This is, overall, a very charming cast. But I think Wanya might be the winner.


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