Disney 2015 and Kyiv Open: Slavik & Karina back together!

Hi dancers! Happy December!

It’s been a long time, huh? It’s very sad. But there’s no dancing on TV and I’m still having to take a break from dancing, which is depressing. But I’ll most likely do a lesson next week! The downside is Matt will probably kill me because I haven’t been practicing *hides*

Anyway, this will just be a quick post to update you on the goings-on in dancesport.

So, the Paris Worlds happened last week, AKA WDC AL Disney 2015. I don’t even know which is its actual name. I saw footage all over Instagram, but I can’t for the life of me remember where I found it. On the up side, Marius Mutin’s YouTube has links to tons of videos from the event. I won’t list all the results, just some “highlights”.

Pro Latin was, shockingly, won by Riccardo and Yulia.

Riccardo & Yulia, Disney 2015

Isn’t Yulia’s dress so pretty? You can see their final round cha cha and jive are on Marius Mutin’s YouTube, as well as their showdance paso and jive. Yulia is more stunning every time I see her and I absolutely adore her smile! I love Riccardo and Yulia together because I never see couples having fun on the floor when they’re competing at this level. They’re one of the only ones. Emmanuel and Liana are probably the only other.

Maurizio and Andra placed second. Here’s their final rumba and then their samba showdance!

Also, I don’t know why this excites me so much, but Nino Langella and Anna Melnikova made the final and placed 6th! Here’s their final samba.

Pro Ballroom was won by English couple Andrea Ghigiarelli and Sara Andracchio. Second place was taken by American couple Marat Gimaev and Alina Basyuk.

There were no American couples in the Amateur Ballroom final, sadly.

Tal Livshitz and Ilana Keselman were the highest-placing US couple in the Amateur Latin at 4th – you can see their final jive here. Following them were Denys Drozdyuk and Antonina Skobina – here’s their samba. Austin Joson and Nino Dzneladze placed 7th. I highly suggest you watch this video of their rumba. Poetry in motion. They not only made the final in the rumba, but placed 5th! I’m looking forward to seeing more from this couple.

Also, the Cup Amateur Latin was won by American couple Tagyr Mansurov & Alexandra Kondrashova. I’ll be completely honest, I have no idea what that means.

Anyway, the real reason you’re here, I’m sure, is to check out the reunion of Slavik Kryklyvyy and Karina Smirnoff at the Kyiv Open last week! I guess they taught. Isn’t this a great picture?

Slavik & Karina (c) al_pavlova Instagram

I won’t bore you anymore – here’s the materials!

Their cha cha. I know Karina isn’t super tall and is actually pretty average height, but I’ll be spending my entire life trying to make my legs look like hers. They look super long and her leg action is just something else. I can’t even find the words to describe it.

Their rumba. Just gorgeous.

The brilliant paso showdance. Amazing.

I know it’ll never happen given all the things that are going on with them, but a large part of me wishes they’d do a competition or two nowadays. Just to see what would happen!

What do you think?


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