Dancing With the Stars 21: Who Won?

Okay ballroom dancers, I’m back.

It definitely should have occurred to me to start a live blog an hour ago, but I was fixing my hair so I forgot.

Highlights so far? DWTS in The Grove has accomplished is make me want to move to LA. So good to see Victor! But why do his hips move so much HAHAHAHA

I LOVE Elle King and Exes and Ohs!!! Sounds even better live. Also, not that it matters, but why’s Jenna been suddenly front and center all season? And why does she lip sync when she dances? That even drove me crazy when Dasha did it.

Hayes on the DWTS tour is a brilliant audition – they likely just tripled their ticket sales with that announcement.

‘Twas the Night Before the Finale is too funny for me to handle. Whoever wrote that is a genius.

The Backstreet Boys FINALLY showed up! Where have you dudes been all season?!

Chaka Khan and Andy Grammer singing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” is an adorable idea and I’m loving the foxtrot! REAL ballroom! There’s no reason the whole season can’t be like this…sheesh.

I wonder if doing all this in a live show is as smooth while you’re doing it as it looks on television. I doubt it.

Is it me, or is Len’s accent suddenly way thicker? I love Len as much as the next person, but what’s he coming back for? On the other hand, Julianne’s dress right now has to be one of my favorite red carpet gowns ever…but where’s the rest of Carrie Ann’s dress? Her bun looks great though.

Nick & Sharna – salsa/tango, what a crappy combination. I loved Sharna’s dress and wish she’d kept the skirt on, but really glad Nick took the jacket off because maybe now that I think of it, the swinging jackets haven’t done his dancing many favors. But hate when a fusion consists of a half and half split between one dance and the other.

Alek & Lindsay – rumba/tango fusion? Why would you stick him with that? Basically they already screwed him. Their transition between the two dances, very smooth. Alek on the tour? He’ll draw good numbers. Victor in the background is cracking me up. Alek got a 27, okay, so unless he’s getting millions of votes that the other two aren’t (which is very likely the way they’re scoring him), he’s definitely in third tonight.

Bindi & Derek – cha cha/Argentine tango. He’s already done this fusion, but I guess you can only do so many before you have to repeat. But he’s used so much of the same A.tango choreo since season 11…but I’ll forgive him because I really think it’s over for him. There will never be another Derek, and a young lady like Bindi can change the world.

Saying this sounds like actually sacrilege because I’ve always been Team NSYNC, but Nick sounds so good! The collage is making this a pretty special moment.

BINDI AND DEREK WON!!! I’m thrilled for them. It was all about Bindi. What a lovely end to the season. They’ve touched all of us.

DWTS 21, the Winners!

DWTS 21, the Winners!


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