Dancing With the Stars 21, week 9 & 10


Ok, to be quite honest, I’m writing this immediately after posting about last week’s episode. But I’ll post it tomorrow morning…hopefully.

EDIT: I started to write this immediately after posting about week 8. And the finale aired yesterday and the winner will be announced tonight. So I’ll do weeks 9 and 10 and then the finale in a separate post, but I’ll try and keep it short.

Onto the show.

Dancing With the Stars season 21, week 9

Dancing With the Stars season 21, week 9

Alek & Lindsay – HAHAHA! I love how guys always think they’re so tough and when they have to do things girls do regularly they turn into screaming babies. I like the little samba section she put in there. Alek didn’t have much hip action, but this is the most in the zone and the most fun we’ve seen him have.

Alexa & Mark – DAMMIT! I’ve been wanting for MONTHS to dance to that song! But my motif, if you will, is actually way more morbid. This was super brave of her and I’ve never seen her dance with such ardor. And I love that Mark was in all black so all you saw was Alexa!

*a week later*
Carlos & Witney – Argentine tango to Justin Bieber? Um…okay. Not a great routine and didn’t even look at Carlos once. What’s with the HUGE hip hop section?

Bindi & Derek – that package was painful. HELL, another one – I’ve always wanted to a dance blindfolded. Love her iridescent dress and the stretch she’s getting out of her lines! I’ve always loved Derek’s vwaltzes, but this is rivaling Nastia’s for my favorite. What just happened there?! MY hands are shaking!

Tamar & Val – what is this, steal from Annelis’ mind night?! I’ve been wanting to do a contemporary to Wicked Games for months! They didn’t even dance to that song…it’s the rehearsal so there isn’t much to say.

Nick & Sharna – “I haven’t won yet” theeeerrre it is. His section with the boys in the beginning was fantastic and he did great on the character – until he got in hold, then he became a nerd. I do see a huge improvement. But he didn’t have the same confidence in his second section with the boys at the end.

Alek & Carlos – I want to go on this cruise ship. Dual star lifts, impressive. All I can say about that dance is, “okaaayyy….” Is it wrong that the boys’ choreo made me laugh a little bit? It was all a little out of left field, but it was cool. The guys were in sync and enjoyed themselves.

Alexa & Bindi – I’ve been looking forward to this one. WOW that was awesome, like watching Chicago in two minutes!

Nick & Tamar – pneumonia is no bull, and then she has blood clots?! Her dedication is amazing, but I’m surprised she would risk her health like this over a $40 trophy. I think she and Nick partner together oddly well. She should have just withdrawn and let Alexa continue because Alexa being eliminated and then Tamar withdrawing is just a weird series of events.

Onto week 10!

Dancing With the Stars season 21, week 10

Dancing With the Stars season 21, week 10

Loved the opening number. Derek’s quality of movement, though…amazing.

Bindi & Derek – wow, she’s got a gorgeous long neck. What a perfect song and dance for her! I’m impressed that he’s used some of Shawn Johnson’s choreo and Bindi did it all!

Alek & Lindsay – oh, her gown is just gorgeous. Oh, I see Alfonso in the audience. He looks just a teensy bit locked in – in the “I want to do great in this dance because of what it means” – but this is probably his best dance. I love watching him in the ballroom dances.

Carlos & Witney – good thing they danced with all the gusto they did, becauseΒ  I’ve seen literally every single part of that routine before.

Nick & Sharna – WOW, Aaron looks horrible. He is dancing this tango like he’s afraid of something. I’m curious as to whether that pause mid-dance was choreographed. Don’t think it was. It was my favorite part – so real.

Alek & Carlos – a chest-off, indeed. Alek was so fun to watch.

Bindi & Nick – yaaaaassss, good girl, Bindi! The ending of Bindi’s was awesome, what the heck? Nick looked SO good, but unfortunately Bindi looked GREAT.

Bindi/Derek/Mark – admittedly, I know they’re good together, but I’m really tired of Derek picking Mark every time. Ok, I didn’t quite “get” this number, but it was really cool. Even though it did feel like it took forever to get started.

Alek/Lindsay/Emma – this whole Emma thing is still annoying. Wait, this song is 1, a swing, 2, sung by a girl. I can forgive it, Alek was great and Lindsay’s legs are everything. Loved everything about this number (except when the swing beat dropped – the arrangement was great when slow).

Carlos/Witney/Karina – see, THIS is who I would pick for my trio! Karina is a goddess. I didn’t even look at the other two.

Nick/Sharna/Peta – aw, it’s nice to see Peta again. Her practice outfits are cute. He’s dancing light on his feet in the wrong way. He’s pretty in control of the girls, but Peta was FIERCE in this dance. Really fun to watch.

Random thing that really bothers me – only ONE time for the trio, someone has picked a pro that’s the same gender as their celebrity. I wish this would happen more often. That’s just something that really grinds my gears. It’s probably different because I guess a lot of the celebs don’t LOVE dancesport, but if I were in DWTS, I would want a woman (KARINA!) for my trio. First of all, someone to learn from, second, all the more impressive if I were able to match her! I remember when Karina picked Sasha for her trio with Apolo. I was incredibly impressed because Apolo was so in sync with Sasha at some points that it was hard to tell who was who.

Just my two cents. I know I wasn’t very productive…haha. Oops. Finale next!


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