Dancing With the Stars 21: The Finals

Literally JUST published that last entry. Trying to get this one up before the winner is announced, because then nothing makes any sense in this life.

Speaking of which, I’ll try to make more sense in this entry than the last one. I have a feeling I’ll go back and read it at some point and be like, “what the hell does this mean?”

Dancing With the Stars season 21: The Finals

Dancing With the Stars season 21: The Finals

Meghan Trainor looks beautiful. But what’s with all the horrible random videography this season? Erin does look better than the trophy, haha. I wish I were like Tom, he is so clever.

I’m actually really excited for Judges’ Choice. I hate the “favorite dance” round – it’s useless. At least if you do a redemption dance or judges’ choice, it’s something new and you can see a growth arc!

Carlos & Witney – this is a fantastic song. I think Carlos did dance way better. Still a little airy, but much more fluid and some very pleasing shapes.

Alek & Lindsay – am I on dog food or is this song a Viennese waltz instead of a rumba? Love Linds’ dress and hair, though. I feel like Alek was kind of doomed from the start with a rumba now because obviously he was more connected to a rumba with Emma.

Peta danced gorgeously with Artem in that Meghan Trainor song. I had no idea Peta had so much speed.

Nick & Sharna – oh, Julianne’s a pretty good teacher, huh? How did she get him to get those kicks and flicks? This jive was a million times better than his first one! See, I don’t know about you, but THIS is what I was expecting to see when we heard Nick Carter was going to be on the show.

Bindi & Derek – the judge she got bodes well for her. Carrie Ann has a pretty good track record. It sucks that Derek still feels bad about Shawn. I didn’t think that abiding by the rules that time would have helped him, because the writing was pretty much on the wall. Oh, Derek sounds gross; I cringe every time I hear a cough. The connection! I don’t know how she did it. Carrie Ann’s critique made me tear up because that’s the same way I feel when I watch Bindi dance!

See, they keep making a really big deal of the freestyle, which I actually don’t put much stock in anymore. Ever since they made the team dances “freestyle” and have had huge productions throughout the season and then made jazz, contemporary, and Charleston part of the regular DWTS repertoire, freestyles no longer feel so special as they did 10 seasons ago. It either feels like a couple is trying really hard to be out of the box or it’s something they did already.

But that’s just me. And aside from that, this is where the judges begin to get wishy-washy and score everyone the same – or one contestant gets less than everyone else. (Likely Alek.)

Carlos & Witney – I’m only supporting him in this round because this song is currently my life. The use of Paula, Hayes, and Alexa didn’t really change anything, but I liked the intention behind it. I read somewhere “I doubt anyone was super shocked that the Toker 4 Jesus left”…now, it isn’t funny, but it made me laugh.

Alek & Lindsay – wow, he did that lift way better than Carlos did. That was awesome – now, THIS dance, I’ve never seen before. MAJOR props to Lindsay for coming up with this one, because it was perfect for Alek in every way and a totally new dance that has never been done on the show.

That Hayley/Alan/Keo bumper was fun.

Oh yeah, let’s just all talk about Derek’s five trophies. I know I don’t act like it at all, but it is not about him.

Bindi & Derek – he needs to stop crying, because it’s impossible for me to watch. I’ve never noticed until now, but Bindi has GORGEOUS feet. Bindi danced with everything she had, and so did Derek – I’ve never seen him dance like this. I’m also getting the feeling that Derek is finally done with the show. If so…it’s been an honor and a privilege, Mr. Hough. I would be surprised to find a dry eye in the house. I really wish I was more like her. I hope she wins. WHY DID ERIN TELL US THAT DEREK JUST THREW THAT PICTURE UP?! I just started crying all over again.

We’ll see after the first round what’ll happen.

OOOO derf, Nick has to dance too. Who would even care about anything after that dance from Bindi? I’ll just take this opportunity to point out that Bindi went last in round 1 and Nick went last in round 2. That’s never happened before – and what exactly is the point?

Nick & Sharna – she hit the nail on the head with “it can’t be what people expect” – I learned with Donald Driver, THAT is how you win the freestyle round. I was kind of underwhelmed by that freestyle.

Anyway, like I said, we’ll see after the first round in tonight’s finale what will happen. If in the 24 hour fusion Alek gets a lower score and Bindi and Nick both get perfect scores, then that means Alek gets Noah’d and automatically loses. If they all three score the same, then the chips are being allowed to fall where they may and Nick likely gets third place.

This is a really hard one to call because the contestants all have such different things going for them. Nick is the boy bander we all know with the huge fanbase. Bindi is the best dancer, but also the ray of light you fell in love with no matter how hard you tried to fight it. And then Alek the hero comes in at a time where the world is in upheaval and makes hope come out of your fear.

We will see.


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