Dancing With the Stars 21, week 8: Personal Icons

Good day, dancers. Happy Thursday!

Again, crazy busy all week. I know I have two episodes to cover. I’ll probably do them both today and then post about this week’s episode tomorrow.

Theme weeks are actually just cheesy and unnecessary: Personal Icons week? We’ve already had Most Memorable Year and Hometown Glory, both of which were already the same thing. Anyway, I already know who’s been eliminated in both these episodes I’m going to post about – sad for them both, but I guess we’ll see.

Dancing With the Stars season 21, week 8

Dancing With the Stars season 21, week 8

That opening number was…eh, quite frankly, lame. EEK! RIKER’S IN THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!

Carlos & Witney – I kind of get it – Latin families Americanize themselves when they’re in the vast minority. But Marc is amazing, and I’ve seen him live – he really does have that voice and he puts on a great show! He’s been sounding very contrived – really, he acts like he’s running for office – and I hate to say it, but I think playing to the Latin community here might have been what kept Carlos in the competition these last couple of weeks. OH, I LOVE THIS SONG! He really danced this like a Latino – a lot of us by default for some reason have great body movement but don’t have the maximum hip action they could because they never straighten their knees. I’m actually glad he took his shirt off, because wearing that huge thing you couldn’t see a damn thing. He got shy at the end though, I guess because of the lift sequence.

Alek & Lindsay – love this story. I actually really liked this arrangement of the song better than the original. Not much to say here – he really is just ROCK. He’s amazing at lifts and while I admit he hasn’t had a huge margin of improvement, he is just a good partner, I think.

Andy & Allison – I know they went home after this, aww. How does Allison look sooooo pregnant all of a sudden? And how did she not burst into tears during her talk with him? Oh dear, his shoulders are shooting up to the ceiling, I guess he’s trying a little too hard for the rise and fall. That dance actually was just lovely. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing they went home – it seems to me like working on the show during her pregnancy might just be frustrating her.

Ooh, Artem was just dashing in that Argentine tango bumper with Jenna.

Alexa & Mark – interesting story she picked. Mark’s topknot is kind of ridiculous. I love the use of the screen. Separately, I wasn’t crazy about the costumes or the song or the beating-her-chest choreo, but as altogether? It all worked beautifully and told the story in a really cool way. A few slip-ups, but I don’t think it really was a big deal.

Nick & Sharna – this was just a GORGEOUS routine – what beautiful choreography. The gender reveal was so scripted though.

Love seeing Karina in bumpers – every single time, she proves herself the goddess of the Latin division.

Bindi & Derek – that costume looks absolutely stunning on her. She’s just like Derek – steadfast and graceful under pressure. See, this is exactly why knee spins are a horrible idea. Another routine done so creatively – the group section with her in silhouette at the beginning and the song was a great choice! I’ve always loved Derek’s foxtrots – very big band and heavy on the Broadway influence. LOVED this!

Tamar & Val – wasn’t digging that package. But I like Val’s costume. Tamar is great at hitting accents and her arms move and create shapes beautifully. This dance wasn’t bad at all, but didn’t wow me either. She is actually a really great natural mover, but doesn’t have much natural performance factor.

Dance Offs:
First of all, why would they have them both on the floor at the same time? Don’t mind at all how they have America voting with the little chart in the back.

Bindi vs. Carlos – cute how they ended it together. I thought they were pretty evenly matched in performance quality, but Bindi had way more content and spent more time actually doing jive – HOW did Carlos win this? Especially when 64% of the voters picked opposite…well, that’s not sketchy at all.

Tamar vs. Alexa – Alexa’s dress is super cute, but she is obviously doing way more dancing here – and with 76% of the votes, Tamar still won? WHAT THE HAIL.

Alek vs. Andy – neither couple has danced samba, which is one of the hardest? Why did anyone even allow this? Okay, that was pretty painful to watch. Andy did significantly less samba than Alek did, but Andy won it too. Uh…I guess.


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