Dancing With the Stars 21, week 7: Halloween Week

Good morning, dancers! Happy November.

Another busy week. I took a mini-vacation Friday and got to relax a little bit. Fortunately, I’ve had a few days off and now I can get this entry up before tonight’s show airs. EDIT: I wrote this last night and meant to publish it this morning, but I forgot as I was running out of the house as always. But here we are.

I already heard who won the team dance last week. I’m unsurprised, but at the same time they’ve basically made it exactly the same storyline for what, 16 seasons? So at least they’ll shut up about it. And I heard that Hayes went home, sadly. I’m interested to see what else transpires.

Dancing With the Stars season 21, week 7

Dancing With the Stars season 21, week 7

That opening number was cute, but cheesy. But Witney’s dress was beautiful! The perfect horror movie ingenue. OH MY WORD, RIKER IS IN THE HOUSE! Yes, I still have a massive crush on him.

Nick & Sharna – what is Carrie Ann’s problem with him? I feel like it usually doesn’t end well when the dancers listen to the judges. Ahh, Sharna’s stitched face makeup is the love of my life. I did the same thing for work on Halloween night. What a beautiful set. Weird, but in this dance, Nick looked kind of clunky. But that “windmill” lift was absolutely stunning. But why did they suddenly have to use that song as an Argentine tango when it was always a paso?

Hayes & Emma – werewolf is actually a good look for him. He is going to grow up to be a very handsome young man. See, this is an odd thing. When dancers new to ballroom do ballroom dancers, their frame always ends up looking so long because they can’t seem to figure out how to round out their arms. Really cool idea for this dance, though, with her hiding the dagger.

Alexa & Mark – 1, how are they going to dance with those claws he’ll have for hands? 2, Mark knows what’s happening there and he’s trying his best to help her be seen as a contender, but he doesn’t seem to know what to do. She could relax her shoulders a bit, but this is a great dance for her. Her footwork is great and she is owning her dress (cape?). Finally, she got some 9s!

Tamar & Val – she actually fell for the producers’ inflammatory questions, not a good look. I love the dress of whoever the girl in the fun house is. Was that Jenna? They all look alike now. How does Val always find a way to open his shirt? He’s selling himself short. She and Val were really close together in hold. It made it look odd. She’s obviously dancing way better now, though.

Loved the dance with all the girls in the white lace dresses. So likely this season’s winning pro is one of the ones that was in that number.

Andy & Allison – she all of a sudden looks sooooo pregnant and it might be wearing on her. He could have more fullness in his movements and a little more shape on the twist turns (actually in general), but he performed the paso doble way better than I thought he would. Even though like Julianne said, his top half was weird and so was his bottom half, but it worked and he sold it! And I’m also with Julianne on this, dark Andy was super hot.

Bindi & Derek – oh, I can’t stop laughing at her running around the studio trying to scare people. OOOO, she was creepy in her entrance. *covers eyes* She was terrifying through that entire dance! What the heck?! That was amazing! Yes, Tom! Keep the scary Bindi! I loved that she pulled off that menacing character! Yes, Bruno. A masterpiece. Perfect score, well deserved. The whole ballroom is still in shock from Bindi’s performance!

It’s hilarious when Sasha does the pranks. Tamar was so funny. But frankly, I’m stillΒ  so happy about last year when Alfonso smacked the taste out his mouth (was it him?). Mostly because it’s what we all SAY we would do in that situation, but none of us ever actually do it.

That dance by Hayley and Alan was lame.

Alek & Lindsay – looks like he got the bad edit. Artem is being a really good coach. But why would Carrie Ann tell Alek to go to Artem for showmanship? Whatever. A great return to form for him, but I think that has more to do with him being back to ballroom than anything else. Why was Artem with them for their scores? AHAHAHAHA! Alek’s impression was spot on.Β  But Leah needs to stop smacking people in the face because that is extremely disrespectful. Now I’m pissed off.

Carlos & Witney – paso is hard, yes, of course, we’ve all been there – but the cape is making it harder? Really? That’s a new one…and if you recall, NO ONE new to ballroom has used a cape before they learn the paso doble. The camera blocking and the smoke did zero favors here – I couldn’t see a damn thing. But I like the Phantom concept.

Team dances.

Team Nightmare: I do love these rhinestone pinstripe outfits. Love how everyone has the zombie way of moving and they altogether look like a giant spider in the group sections. I want to know who choreographed this – the choreography just looks like Allison (with an assist from Sharna, because I saw some of her in there too. Guest appearance by Allison’s baby bump). I call Hayes Team MVP.

Team Who You Gonna Call: WHO gave Bindi that wig, ew! WOW, Okay, I see right away why they lost: Alek. Very brave of Witney to have Carlos flip her up while he was on the hoverboard. Odd, I know Derek’s choreography so well I knew what moves he was going to do before he and Bindi even came out. It started out pretty weak, but ended strong. A pretty good showing, but Team Nightmare easily won this match.

Overall, the big screwup of the night was the smoke machine. And maybe Hayes telling his followers to get him trending instead of telling them to vote for him! Sad that he went. Anyway, I feel like pretty much anyone from this point on will be a shocking elimination. There are no bad dancers left (and I don’t think Hayes was one).

Sorry I rambled, my mind just kind of ran with this show. In the next few days, we can talk about the latest competitions – Nino and Anna have gone into competition and there is a new dance partnership that I’m really excited about! Can’t wait to talk about it with you!


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