DWTS 21, week 6: Famous Dances Night

EDIT: I swear I had this written last night, I just had such a busy morning I forgot to post it before tonight’s show.

Hey there, dancers!

I didn’t think I would get this entry done ever because I’m still so busy all the time (not to mention I was feeling like utter crap yesterday), but eh. Let’s do this.

Dancing With the Stars season 21, week 6

Dancing With the Stars season 21, week 6

The opening pro number was pretty cool. Karina was STUNNING. Aww, I love seeing tWitch in the audience. Ooh that’s right, Olivia Newton-John is here. A lovely lady with a gorgeous smile. You can tell by Leah Remini’s look that she’s friends with J.Lo – since they became friends again, now Leah does her makeup and dresses exactly like her.

Hayes & Emma – “What’s that?” SERIOUSLY?! Emma makes a super sexy Sandy – I love her playful take on it. A super cute routine and Hayes was adorable as – I remember someone said John Travolta has a sweetness that comes through no matter what he plays, and that’s exactly the case with Hayes. I think that made him a perfect Danny. But I think the 32 was appropriate.

Andy & Allison – Patricia Kelly is a stunning woman, so naturally poised. This is easily his best dance. It was a lot, but I think he did incredible with it. Not much else to say except I don’t know if Allison calmed or if Andy just upped…himself because they finally matched each other and looked very good together.

Alexa & Mark – what the hell is Mark wearing? I can’t believe they actually used the snake, and that begs the question, why didn’t they have Bindi introduce her? And what kind of cha cha is this? Alexa’s making this dance a little too cute, IMO, but she did VERY well in the actual cha cha. She fell a little off time in the bellydancing section and I actually don’t think it really needed the snake. And the choreo was more hip hop than cha cha, but it’s understandable given the music…oh, Leah with the microphone stick is cracking me up. And she wore that costume well.

Bindi & Derek – JENNIFER GREY IS STILL IN AMAZING SHAPE. I was always stupidly jealous of her flexibility. Oh, Derek looks intoxicating in that outfit…I’m trying to watch Bindi but I can’t keep my eyes off his shoulders. Love the rumba section in the beginning. She looked a little stiff in the dance, though. But props to Bindi keeping a smile on her face while Derek’s arms were shaking like that, but I’m incredibly impressed by how long they held it. And she really looked like a mature young lady in it. I’m interested by the piping in her dress.

Paula & Louis – her undies said Louis? HAHAHAHA! Truth be told, Paula didn’t do much of anything here.

What is it about this show? No one can stay on the same timing during the group numbers!

Carlos & Witney – a Magic Mike rumba? WTF…I like that one-legged backward worm. I remember the guys did it in that dance on Muppet week and how good Derek looked when he spun and dove backward into it. See, he overreacted. This isn’t anything super raunchy, but Carlos looks so incredibly uncomfortable that I just feel weird seeing this. And sadly, him talking about his religion comes off disingenuous to me. I actually liked the rumba in the routine (even if it was awkwardly placed), and Whitney looked stunning. I do love the song though.

Nick & Sharna – interesting that Sharna told Nick that John Travolta is all about thrusting his hips forward because that’s actually how Matt taught me samba bounce. Actually very impressed with Nick and the choreography – tons of samba but also tons of disco – seamlessly. Not sure what was trying to be accomplished by not giving it a perfect score – if ANY, this is the one that deserved it.

Alek & Lindsay – WOW, really underscored last week. GEEZ, Elvis Presley was sexy. Literally LOLing at his Elvis costume!!! I actually like the Elvis voice. But how many times are they going to do Jailhouse Rock on this show? At least they didn’t do the same thing everyone else, criminal and cop. He was lacking the flexibility he needed and didn’t look very light on his feet. But he got better and looked like he was having fun.

Tamar & Val – I do NOT like her attitude when she got her score last week. To be fair, I’ve sounded exactly like her more than once in the past month. Val actually looks really good covered up. She did incredibly well considering that she lost two days of rehearsal, but her stone face lacked Janet’s intensity. I also didn’t see the precision that made this iconic in the first place. I wonder how come she dances so much better in side by side than in partnering.

Sad that Alexa and Mark were in jeopardy. That poor girl. Mark was NOT happy.

All in all, it was a really weird night of dances – most of them weren’t even much of their assigned dance styles. But Halloween night should be fun – the production alone is usually worth the “trip”. Right? …or am I just crazy?


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