Dancing With the Stars 21, week 5: The Switch-Up

Fellow dancers! I know, I know! I’m so late! But my new job has had me crazy busy and even on my two days off a week I’m still doing stuff! I got so many incredibly necessary errands done last Thursday, though. Laundry, cleaning…all stuff I would prefer not to do but that’s life.

I’m going to go work out tonight so we can talk about Switch-Up week today and most likely on Thursday I’ll do this week’s show. What was it, movie week? Iconic tv week? Something like that.

Dancing With the Stars season 21, week 5

Dancing With the Stars season 21, week 5: The Switch-Up

The opening number with the doors was pretty cool. I actually like seeing the pros dance with each other and seeing how they are on Cuban motion and technique…Mark definitely has a very unique way of dancing! Maks is back…I will probably still skip the judges’ criqitues. He looks nice though.

Why all the trash talking? Whatever.

Tamar & Louis (Val) – hmm, I usually don’t like feathered dresses but I actually really like this one. WOW, even in the rehearsals you could tell he did too much. Oh dear, the blank face is back and he dragged her through half of it. But even if she had some unsteadiness, she actually handled it very well considering how overpacked the routine was.

Hayley is really popping in these troupe numbers. Why is it that contemporary dancers always look so long and gangly next to ballroom dancers? Is it the core thing?

Hayes & Allison (Emma) – aaahhh her gown! OH HIS VOICE CHANGING IS SO CUTE. See, this a dance for a young man. The song’s pretty fast for a vwaltz, isn’t it? Or maybe it just seems that way because of the choreo. I think it would have been a better foxtrot. That routine had so much in it I didn’t know what to watch. It was a lot of arms. I’ll be glad to see him back with Emma.

Allison doesn’t feel she’s been robbed of the mirrorball? But she definitely was last season. OK, at first I was wondering why they did a lie detector but that was hilarious.

Paula & Mark (Louis) – I’m SO excited for this one. Mark is a riot. Aww, I missed clean-cut Mark with his crazy faces. HOW did Mark do it? This dance looks like a jive! OHHH this was the most perfect Switch-Up partnership. I couldn’t stop laughing. Love how proud Louis was.

Alek & Emma (Lindsay) – I don’t know if this is a real thing, but I haaaate when the show decides to push showmances. They do look like they really connected. I feel like she has really odd arm styling. I saw barely any hip action but he is a rock. Kind of like Robert Herjavec was with Kym – there for her every step of the way. I do like Alek better in ballroom dances, though.

Bindi & Val (Derek) – I was excited for this one. I’ve always wanted Val and Derek to trade because they have such different styles. Dying laughing at the snake thing. I like it! It’s a very symbiotic relationship. And that was NOT his first animal metaphor! He used the duck thing all the time in class! That was a very difficult routine. It looked like Bindi almost lost balance on a few of her accents, but that looks like it’s because Val’s lead was super strong at those moments. That was adorable! I have NEVER seen Val have fun on the show. Loved that about this dance. Okay, that moment after the dance where he thanked her was so sweet. I want to see his Val more often!

Carlos & Lindsay (Witney) – WOW, his body looks even more insane when he stands correctly. Love their costumes. How did Lindsay improve so much as a pro from her first time around?! Loved everything about the routine but…why did Carlos look so much better with Lindsay than with Witney? Wow, and it looks like Wit knows it.

HAAAAAAA! Nick isn’t sexual? Derek thinks Bruno is the sexiest judge? Val listens to Justin Bieber? I’m literally LOLing.

Alexa & Derek (Mark) – NOT liking his manbraid. Interesting costumes though, they’d be really good for Halloween week. OUCH. Seeing those things from last week, Mark might not be the best one for Alexa. I’m okay with this switch-up though, I’ve always wanted to see Derek with a Latina. WHO IS CALLING ME WHEN I’M WATCHING DEREK WORK?! Ok, ok. She really needed his positive reinforcement. THIS is what people were expecting to see from her when they heard she was going to be on the show. She OWNED that tango. Completely in the dance, in the character and her frame was ROCK. Perfect score well deserved. Hope she can dance like this with Mark.

Andy & Sharna (Allison) – what a STUNNING dress, but I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of finger curls on her. See, this dance is further proof. Allison does too much – this dance was intricate at the right times and he DID the damn thing! I don’t even know what it is I want to say about this dance other than everything was just the right fit for him. It was a different Andy. His post-dance interview was hysterical. 36, YAAASSS!

Nick & Witney (Sharna) – we know he’s intense, but what just happened? When did he start teaching? She’s horribly intimidated by him and not hiding it very well, and he picked up on that REAL quick. When did his shoulders start hunching up to the ceiling? The way he danced the choreography made it look like “pop”. I don’t know, it probably wasn’t the choreography, but the way that he danced it that kept it from looking like paso doble; hardly any real paso technique and he really overdid it.

I loved that they dedicated the show to him, but it’s so sad about Tom’s father. I don’t know how he was able to get back to work right away.

So in conclusion, to me, Switch-Up Week was one of extremes. Most new partnerships either did amazing or fell totally flat. I’m choosing to focus on the positive: Bindi and Val, Alexa and Derek, Carlos and Lindsay, Nick and Sharna. It’ll be interesting and very, very telling to see how they did with their original partners in this week’s show. It could be anybody’s game at this point!


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