Dancing With the Stars 21, week 4: Most Memorable Year

Hey dancers! Long time, huh? Least it feels like it.

Sorry I skipped it, but my new job has had me pretty busy and I took a little vacation to Boston so I had no time to do this post last week. I’m sure “Most Memorable Year” was a good one though, it always is. I’ll go through it really quick before this week’s episode airs.

Dancing With the Stars season 21, week 4

Dancing With the Stars season 21, week 4

Alexa & Mark – I’m sure Alfonso didn’t mean his “You and Carlos cannot both win” comment the way Alexa took it – he’s right, isn’t he? Ok, ok. I love the color of her dress! The dance felt like it took a while to get started. I didn’t think this would be the case, but I hate to say her frame is ghastly, like I swear a waitress could walk between her and Mark. Moreover, the hair and glasses didn’t do her any favors, though. Love her shoes though, and the choice of music! Not what I expected.

Gary & Anna – what exactly are they dancing? It sounded like a foxtrot, but I think it was supposed to be a jive, but was really a swing. Yeesh. Guess I’m not surprised that he was the one to go.

Oh, Bruno’s Most Memorable Year was hilarious.

Tamar & Val – I could do with seeing this side of Tamar more often. She could use a little more core in her movement, but she danced beautifully – I completely forgot about Val. And her song was absolutely gorgeous. I LOVED her look for this dance.

EEK! I saw this on Instagram – Allison’s pregnancy!!! I’m as thrilled as if I were pregnant and married to Derek Hough. Except now seeing Allison say it and how happy tWitch was is making me tear up. I love them together – they are so obviously soulmates. I also think it’s great to see a beautiful and happy couple!

Hayes & Emma – maybe I’m old, but internet fame weirds me out. Sweet kid, though. And I must have said it before, but I don’t “get” contemporary. He could use a little more extension and length – ya know, “dancing OUT”, but he’s so good! I’m looking forward to seeing even more from him.

Alek & Lindsay – why did they have to make THAT package? GEEZ, poor Alek. I can’t believe they took cameras back home with him. Kudos to him for pulling it together enough to get through this dance. Not his best, but I’m guessing they didn’t have a lot of practice time. One more thing – if I found out our armed forces are full of men like him, I would sleep a lot more soundly at night. A gentleman and a true warrior.

Nick & Sharna – I must say it, how FABULOUS to see the rest of the Boys. AJ was the choreographer? I like dances like these. Everyone usually goes super dramatic for personal story week, and that’s great too, but I like seeing stories of triumph over tragedy. Sharna was the centerpiece here, and she looked stunning in her costume. Nick was awesome whenever I watched him, though. Loved the choreo. Saw Julianne’s I ❀ Nick sign by accident. This is acceptable. But I am slightly disappointed that they could only get one Backstreet Boy to come watch him, WTF. And what was up with the camera work?

Oy, Hayley in that troupe bumper. Beautiful girl, but really looks like a contemporary dancer doing Latin.

Carlos & Witney – geez, what’s Carrie Ann’s problem? I bet she’s mad because he’s married and happy with his wife. Aww, he found Alexa at church. I love it. Wonder if the glow off their costumes was intentional. It strikes me as the type of thing that just ended up happening and they decided to go with it. I’m not mad at it though. I liked it. Not much else for me to say.

It drives me crazy when I see couples practicing right before they dance – this applies to dancesport competitions, too. I guess because when I did plays in high school, we always rested the day before opening and I think that gave us “more”. I’m of the firm opinion that if you don’t know it already, you can’t improve immediately before.

Paula & Louis – I like the story of her rebuilding her life after divorce. I feel like it’s a reason a lot of people stay in relationships that aren’t good for them – they think it’s been too long and they won’t be able to do anything anymore. GEEZ, Paula! I really think this woman has exquisite legs and feet. It’s occurring to me that if she were Alexa’s age, this would not be a fair competition.

Andy & Allison – these stories make me sad; I can’t imagine what I would do without my parents. I wonder why Allison always wears those boots for Latin dances – I’m starting to think she can’t dance without them. But her technique is way better than it was in season 19. I also feel like he hasn’t improved much, especially because Allison keeps not only outdancing him, but outdancing him to the extent that she does – her one speed seems to be Mach 4. She’s FOUR MONTHS PREGNANT?! WHERE?!

Bindi & Derek – just seeing images from their rehearsals and knowing what song they chose makes you burst into tears; I don’t think I’ll even make it through this dance and be fine. Ok, so it begins. Oh man, the picture of Steve and Baby Bindi, I can’t do this. Even the unflappable Derek had a hard time holding it together. This is one of those dances you can’t really say a lot about. It really did look like a little girl dancing with her father. Lovely all around.

MADE IT! This week’s show starts in 10 minutes. It’s Switch-Up week and has Maks as guest judge. I hope he’s fun. Though I’m feeling it may be an audition for him to join the judging panel permanently.

Oh, here are the pairings:

Alexa & Derek
Hayes & Allison
Alek & Emma
Andy & Sharna
Carlos & Lindsay
Nick & Witney
Paula & Mark
Tamar & Louis
Bindi & Val

Also, I’ll write another post in a day or two about Brentwood’s International Championships that happened last week. And of course, my thoughts on this week’s DWTS eppy. See ya then!


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