Dancing With the Stars 21, week 3: TV Night

Hey dancers,

Let’s be concise. Let’s talk about it. I may just be cranky due to the fact that I’m taking a break from lessons, so apologies in advance.

First of all, TV week? Overdone. Second, not that I don’t absolutely love Alfonso, but why would they bring him in to judge? Do they need viewers that badly?

Second, what is Mandy Moore’s deal with these female boob grab, bump-and-grind numbers? I feel like I’ve already seen the same number five other times. That being said, I did like the way they used the striped TV screen as the background and matched the girls’ costumes to it, and they all did look gorgeous.

On another note…MUPPETS!!! Now, this is stunt casting I find acceptable.

Onto the dancing, after the jump! Also, I find this picture that was posted on the official DWTS Instagram account to be very cute and clever.

Dancing With the Stars season 21, week 3

Dancing With the Stars season 21, week 3

Carlos & Witney – what was the deal with that package? Carlos danced this very well, but the routine did feel like lot. But I think this may have been due to the fact that Witney moves so big.

Paula & Louis – I LOVE GILLIGAN’S ISLAND! Okay, that was actually a really cute routine, good use of the troupe, and they made a great Mr. and Mrs. Howell. The samba content was repetitive, but I think she moved very nicely. And I’m not crazy – she does have good feet!

Tamar & Val – I shouldn’t laugh AS much as I do when Tamar fights with Val every week, but it’s entirely too funny. I think she actually followed him all right, but I guess getting into the tango character, her face and top line hardened and got kind of wooden. The costuming could have been better too, but that’s just me…I’m slowly realizing I may be a bit of a fashion junkie.

Ooh, Switch-Up is in two weeks. I should think about this. I enjoy Switch-Up week even though usually I’m thoroughly unimpressed with the pairings because the stars just get switched to the dancer whose style of dance is closest to their original partner – Val’s partner gets Maks (now Artem), Derek’s partner gets Mark, etc. I don’t think that’s what’s supposed to happen – it defeats the purpose.

Alexa & Mark – Mark is nuts. I somehow always like Mark’s jazz routines, but I didn’t really “get” this one. However, I definitely think there was a breakthrough here – this was the first time I saw the both of them really “in” the dance, so I hope they can keep it up.

Oh, shirtless bump and grind male troupe bumper. Ew. But Derek’s abs are sickening – HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! WE ARE ALL MISS PIGGY!!!!!!!!!!! I am literally LOLing.

Andy & Allison – OY, I liked her dress at first and the more I see it, the more it hurts to see. I actually think Andy is very elegant in the ballroom dances, and I think he’s actually a really good dancer overall, but it doesn’t seem like they’re hitting their stride, and I don’t know why that is. Maybe they’re just asleep.

Gary & Anna – that mechanical hand was a clever touch. “Morticia” really works on Anna – this is the best I’ve ever seen her look. And Gary actually looks younger. I liked this tango way better than Cheryl’s with…well, you know. Clean, simple choreography works every time.

Alek & Lindsay – love love LOVE Lindsay’s dress! Even if she looks naked. What the heck, a tango to “Bad Things”? That’s a swing. WOW, that bit about getting the girls’ numbers was so scripted and forced it was just cringe-worthy. He could have had a little more sharpness on the quicker figures, but he sure knows how to lead and CERTAINLY had sexiness in spades here. Rawr.

Kim & Tony – so scary what happened to her. I wonder, though, why they had Jenna dance instead. Kim and Tony did rehearse together, and they usually just show footage of the rehearsals. Especially because she was cleared to dance, just not to fly this week. So it sucks that they were forced to withdraw, and especially in the fashion it was done.

Lame that Brittany’s gone blonde too, now she blends into the crowd even more.

Bindi & Derek – foolishness. I stumbled upon some snippets from Derek’s blog and what he and Bindi were put through this week was beyond ridiculous. You can read about it here. The song they were given didn’t clear, then it did after they were already rehearsing to the second song it did. Fail on DWTS’ part. Anyway, her costume is gorgeous. I see some of their jive choreo! You know what, she certainly doesn’t perform like a 17-year-old. The only thing is that she got a little excited and at times an iota out of sync with Derek. I loved this dance! So much soul and cleverly choreographed! Now, THIS is how you make the best of a bad situation!

Nick & Sharna – “Hey. It’s just dancing”. I love it. Yet ANOTHER gorgeous costume. Amazing – when she was in the troupe, I thought she was just a rocker chick, but since her first season with Andy, she’s impressed me with her class. He moves so fluidly he moves out of hold! “Intense” really works for him. And I love what Alfonso said to him. Mazel tov, indeed.

How does TD Bank show the time at exactly the same time every week? What’s up with that?

Hayes & Emma – Hayes, my good egg! Emma seems to go for this romper silhouette a lot, huh…anyway. Wow, just from the rehearsal package, this choreo is a LOT. He should have been leaning forward a lot more and his kicks didn’t have the “rebound” they should have – but that may have been due to the costume. Cute, but there was too much ninja and not enough jive. I think the issue here was that they focused too much on the theme – that is why it fell flat.

Actually am eating my words about Alfonso judging – I caught a few of his critiques. I guess he does know what he’s saying and he was a positive presence on the panel.

Oh, and I hear Sharna and Nick also had an issue with their song clearing, so she couldn’t teach him the dance until Friday. Wow, between Nick/Bindi and Sharna/Derek, I couldn’t tell. I think the only way I could have told of Bindi and Derek’s lack of rehearsal is seeing how they started the dance already in hold – I’m fairly certain I’ve seen every dance he has ever done on the show and I have never seen him start a dance that way. It definitely struck me as out of place.

Also…I hate to say it because I love her, but I think Riker was the partner Allison needed to hide her inexperience in ballroom. It’s really showing with Andy. Her choreography tends to be extremely jam-packed, but Riker was the one who was ballroom trained and could keep up with her in terms of energy and attack. That’s not the case with Andy and it’s not a good look for her.

I can’t believe they still did a fake elimination. Like “ha ha! Made you look!” What was the point of that? On another note, Andy and Paula? I don’t think this was a “real” bottom two, regardless if there was going to be a second elimination or not. This is a cast that’s really hard to read, so I really wonder who’s going to be in jeopardy next week…


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