Dancing With the Stars 21, week 2: Hometown Glory

Hello, ballroom dancers! Happy Wednesday!

I’m kind of sad; due to extenuating circumstances, I’ve had to take a break from my lessons. I miss Matt, my teacher, kind of crazily and am not sure what I’m doing with my life without our lessons. But today when I found out that Yankees legend Yogi Berra passed away, I texted Matt because I knew he would be the one that understood that I legitimately felt like crying.

On the up side, I’ve gotten a new job that I’m really excited about! I’ll tell you about it down the line.

So now that we’re all caught up, let’s talk about week 2 of Dancing With the Stars. I find it very strange that they keep on saying different things about the show format – I remember a few seasons back, it was said that they would only do one show a week, and, unless I’m mistaken,Β  they were only going to do the show once a year. And obviously, that hasn’t been the case. Throughout the seasons, they may have started with one show a week, and then ended up doing two shows for the last three or four weeks. They did get a new producer a few seasons back, so at this point, the team may still be unsure of what works best.

I also can’t believe they’ve already made the contestants learn two dances.

So, after the jump, onto the dances! (I’ll try to keep it short.)

Dancing With the Stars season 21, week 2

Dancing With the Stars season 21, week 2

Monday night
Β·Nick & Sharna – I’ve already heard Nick slipped. The costume design is giving me life and Sharna is a perfect pinup girl! Oh WOW, he really ate it and he kind of retreated inward after that. And this is one thing I see a lot from male contestants on DWTS that drives me crazy – they lead with one hand and leave the other arm dead. It’s not like I expect them to have these instincts right away…but SOMETHING, ya know?

Paula & Louis – okay, wait. I keep rewinding because I cannot put my finger on what it is that she’s doing that I like so much. It’s her FEET! Her foot placement is beautiful – and the way she uses those LEGS! It was really visible in her open him twist! Swoon. I also thought her “look” was very appropriate.

Oh, Brittany’s there.

Hayes & Emma – love this costume design. Hayes’ mom is a stunner. I’ve heard about him being a brat, but he actually seems like a good egg. He’s getting into his body a lot more and is actually creating some beautiful shapes in his open work. These dances are too short.

Chaka & Keo – she is a doll, but if I weren’t writing about this as I was watching it, I would forget about this dance immediately. I know she was first out, though.

Andy & Allison – maybe he got a little excited because he’s losing control and falling off time a bit. Could have pointed his feet a little on the kicks, but he had GREAT attack on this jive.

Kim & Tony – this is a good look for her. Huge improvement.

Alek & Lindsay – oh, his sound effects and the shirt with his and Lindsay’s faces on it? HILARIOUS. OK, SO much backleading. And what the heck is jazz dance?! He didn’t do much of anything but catch her and lift her up when he was supposed to, but he was incredible with those lifts.

Hayley & Alan, nice. I always notice most of all when someone wears one of Karina’s dresses.

Alexa & Mark – I think she’s being way too hard on herself over last week. This should be a fun one to watch. HOLY MAKEUP! Looooooove everything about her look – oh, no heels, grr. She definitely isn’t having the same problem I did. A lot of people who grow up dancing salsa are taught to be very light on their feet and she is very well grounded. Perfect dance for her – THIS is why I want more Latinos on this show!

Victor & Karina – what a doll of a man! I like how Karina taught him the “slip basic”. His hips are CRAZY, though! What a cute dance, it just made the ballroom so happy. I know he went home last night; I hate that he didn’t stick around longer. And very clever costume design on Karina’s part. I love how he gets that dancing is supposed to be FUN!

Tamar & Val – she looks like she’s thinking a lot and could use a bit more straightening of knees, but she looks like she actually really “gets” the cha cha. I also like seeing a little more “real” version of Tamar here – she is kind of over the top on her other shows. And I really dig her dress – the gold and deep emerald green is a beautiful combination.

Gary & Anna – so good to see him ENJOYING it. I have always liked how Anna is the only female pro that wears court shoes. And good on them for keeping things simple – always effective.

That salsa bumper by Alan, Jenna, Sasha, and Brittany was pretty cool.

Carlos & Witney – he is so cute. Witney’s dress is giving me so much life. HE REMINDS ME SO MUCH OF CORBIN. This is interesting – I feel like he’s focusing almost entirely on the dramatic parts of the choreo.

Bindi & Derek – tigers growling for an alarm clock? BuzzFeed is right – Australia really is the land of nope. And YAAASSS, I love heavy metal too! THIS DRESS IS EVA-RA-THANG! And her hair!!! Perfect. She’s getting a little bit ahead of herself on the choreography, but well executed otherwise. And this girl is some heck of a showman – I never even THINK about Derek when she dances!

Tuesday night
I like that they took a day for the pros because we don’t really get to know a lot about them. Even if we already know half of it is gonna be Russia and the other half Utah. That pro dance in one shot was insane.

Hayes & Emma – I’ve always intended on doing this colored highlights thing with my hair. AAH this dress! I love love love the splattered paint motif! I think Hayes could relax into his frame, but I really am liking him and this partnership.

Carlos & Witney – not in a bad way, but hers looks like a Rocky Horror costume. I love Carlos on the floor; he really dances like a leading man. Only thing here is, there was way too much in this dance – too fast, too much choreography, too many syncopations. But this is a good partnership.

Gary & Anna – loving how she wraps her arm behind her back on her spins (making a mental note to do that myself). This guy is too fun. I feel bad, but the look on his face is making me laugh a little bit.

Wait, what the HAYLE is Carrie Ann wearing?

Andy & Allison – TWIIIIIIITTTTTCCCHHHH!!!! I love him and Allison together – I barely know anything about them and I think they are soul mates. This dress and the stage are absolutely beautiful. I don’t know what it is about when Allison dances contemporary – I don’t ever even see that she’s dancing with a partner because of how completely she captures your attention. Gorgeously danced.

Alexa & Mark – given his parents, Mark is like the crown prince of ballroom dance. Alexa is putting way too much pressure on herself – or is it Mark ? – and if she wants to stay around, she needs to stop. I’m getting weepy just seeing this package. She’s trying so hard it’s difficult to watch, but it was a beautiful moment nonetheless. Moments like this are what we as dancers live to see.

Paula & Louis – WHO let that dress design come to fruition?! I’m going to hunt them down and remove all drawing and sewing materials from their lives. Not sure what it was about this dance, but Paula suddenly had a lot of musicality. I love big hair on her.

Bindi & Derek – she looks gorgeous. WHO BULLIED MY DEREK?! Ooh, I love Derek’s waltzes. It looks like this is a really symbiotic relationship – she knows she can depend on him, but this dance showed that he trusts her in just the same way.

Kim & Tony – WHOA, young Tony looks exactly like Hayes. I love how she’s getting out of her head. She’s getting much nicer fluidity.

Alex & Lindsay – GORGEOUS dress! I love when the ladies LINE the skirts of their dresses instead of making the entire gown a pattern or crazy color. I find details like this to be much more effective. He’s a bit heavy on his feet in this dance and looked a little like he just needed it to end, but I still see a lot of great stuff to come from him.

Victor & Karina – her abs give me so many goals. OHHHH THIS DRESSSSSS. In love. And it’s even more incredible with Karina dancing rumba in it. I think this was Victor’s best dance. He showed and controlled Karina the way a man should. OY, the singer did NOT do that *cringe* I HATE THAT THIS WAS THEIR LAST DANCE!!!

Nick & Sharna – I like that Nick doesn’t just hit the pictures – he actually fills in the space between the lines beautifully. His frame may have been a little too wide, but this dance was everything it should be.

Tamar & Val – OMG, her expressions! Her arguing with him the whole way through made my life. But him dancing shirtless was really distracting and somehow made them not look like they’re a team. Why does he always gratuitously dance shirtless? I’ve never liked when there’s no point to it. And it seemed like Tamar agreed. Anyway, you could see in their side by side how awesomely she danced this – weirdly, I like watching her dance more alone than with Val!

I HAAAAAATE THAT VICTOR WENT HOME! I should have voted. I need him around all the time.

I wonder who’s on the chopping block for next week….


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