Dancing With the Stars 21 Premiere!

Hello dancers,

This will just be a quick entry to talk about the Dancing With the Stars premiere this past Monday. I probably should have live blogged, but two things: 1, I hate commercials, and 2, as I no longer watch the judges’ critiques, I put it off. But now I’m rushing to write this because I have a really long day tomorrow – I’m working an event from 6:30 AM to 5PM and then catching a bus to spend a few days in Boston. Probably not my best idea, buuuuut it’s done so what are ya gonna do.

I did catch the opening number the other night (my mom told me how great it was), but I’m going in this season pretty blind – obviously, I know the pairs, but I don’t know what’s the situation with eliminations and etc. I heard they’re not eliminating this week, but they’re doing a double next week? Or a triple? I could be making it up.

I’m also having a really hard time changing the channel from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1, which just happens to be on television.

OK, commercials. Onto DWTS 21!

Dancing With the Stars season 21 premiere

Dancing With the Stars season 21 premiere

That opening number really is awesome and I can already tell Allison is doing a LOT of ballroom training in the offseason. But what’s the deal with flash mobs? I wonder how many of those people were electronically added. But that’s just the computer nerd in me being inquisitive.

Week 1 opinions after the jump!

Victor Espinosa & Karina – so glad Karina’s back. HE IS TOO CUTE FOR MY LIFE!!! It must be really weird for her to dance in those tiny kid heels; she usually dances in the super-high heels like me! (She was half the reason.) He’s not much of a natural mover, but good GOD, do I love him already! He was having a BALL out there and has surprisingly limber hips! Hope he hangs around for a while.

Tamar Braxton & Val – I love her, but again, I can really see them clashing. Very soon. And often. Wow, this is some REALLY fast choreography and she did a FANTASTIC job – and she really understands the character of the dance. Tamar has that thing where she’s way more comfortable in frame, but that’ll probably go soon. She danced way better than I expected! And I love Val’s outfit.

I’m wondering why they brought Hayley Erbert onto the troupe. She is a stunner, but another contemporary dancer? And she WILL stick out dancing next to the likes of Karina Smirnoff…

Chaka Khan & Keo – what the hail? HE’S A PRINCE?! She’s kind of walking through it, but I’m dazzled by that amazing stoned fringe on her dress. She is fabulous, but I can’t tell if she’s nervous or if she’s forgotten her steps. But all of his partners have forgotten choreo…maybe it’s him.

Hayes Grier & Emma – what a lovely woman. Right away, this partnership is probably going to be hilarious because I’m in the same state around young people. Which is the state of “always confused”. Aww, I like this song. Hate to say it, but the singer didn’t do a very good job. Okay, right away I’m seeing he’s walking. As in, his feet are leaving the ground on every step. HAH! That “T-Rex and the Cougar” crack out of Tom is why I love that man.

Andy Grammer & Allison – I’m excited to see him. What’s with the curtain rod to teach him hold? There is a Frame for that…and it’s not like they haven’t used it on the show, because I’ve seen it in a lot of rehearsal footage. Shoulders locked up as soon as the music started. You know what? I’m really glad they brought her on as a pro here, because that was a beautiful routine. His rise and fall was pronounced beyond need, but he’s going to end up being a really good dancer.

Paula Deen & Louis – oh, dear. This woman is very Southern. I always appreciate that Louis uses that “prep step”. Her steps are kind of small, but I get it, she’s of a particular age. Interestingly, I think she creates really nice lines even if what’s in between the lines is slow and small.

The PenaVegas – I am SO excited to have Latinos in the cast. It always is so random to me when Mark’s English accent pops out. And DAMN, how short is Alexa that Mark is THAT much taller than her?! Okay, this married couple thing may get old really fast. But they are a cuuuute couple!

Carlos PenaVega & Witney – Wit’s costume is adorable. He’s really comfortable performing and has great musicality. Could use a smidge more refinement, but he’s really good! He kind of reminds me of Corbin.

Alexa PenaVega & Mark – the movement that’s supposed to be in her legs is in her upper body. I guess it was, even for a jive, REALLY fast, though. Wow, they even SCORED the married couple together? That’s exaggerating.

Kim Zolciak & Tony – he is so funny. And he’s always so well-dressed. But he is sponsored by that suit house – can’t remember which. Kim actually seems like a nice woman. I LOVE THESE COSTUMES (and I dig the song, but weird cha cha), but seeing Tony, with foil tattoos, barefoot, grinding like this is making me laugh a little bit. She could be really enjoyable if she just gets out of her head! I found out from Wendy Williams that she got a 12! Geez.

Bindi Irwin & Derek – you have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for someone to put that terrified look on Derek’s face. Well worth the wait. Bindi is so cute. She reminds me of myself when I was her age! Could use a teensy bit more tightness in her thighs, but she was totally living in the moment. She did absolutely amazing. Showmanship up the wazoo – she will go far. I’ve no idea why I feel like crying after that dance. You know, I usually don’t like Derek’s partners until I see them dance. And YAY, his second Emmy win! Well deserved. She’s also Wendy Williams’ pick.

Gary Busey & Anna – I don’t mean it in a pejorative fashion because he had that horrible accident that resulted in brain damage, but the guy is nuts. Anna is even more gorgeous than I remember. Ooh, and digging her outfit. I like how she always chooses colors that set off her hair. The dance could have gone way worse. He looks like he WANTS to be there and wants to do well.

OH MY GOD, FITZ IS DIVORCING MELLIE?! (That Scandal ad – sorry, I’m a crazy Gladiator.)

Alek Skarlatos & Lindsay – how does one go from the armed forces to Dancing With the Stars? What a sweetheart. Wait, this guy is actually a pretty good mover. Love Lindsay’s dress and I see this partnership thriving! He looked like he’d gotten shot out of a cannon before this point, but he actually seemed pretty at ease on the floor and creates some stunning lines. Dark horse.

Nick Carter & Sharna – NICK CARTERRRRRRR! I’ve always been and always will be Team *NSYNC, but I can appreciate Backstreet too. After Charlie, I’m glad Sharna has a contender. She’s doing this for all of us. Sharna choreographed a perfect routine for him and it looks like HE is leading! Technically too soon to call it, but after seeing him dance like that, I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t win.

Can’t wait to see what happens next week!!!


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