DWTS 20, Week 8: America’s Choice and Trios!

Happy Cinco de Mayo, dancers!

I’ve got some time to kill before work, so I decided to watch last night’s show because they decided, I guess, to start doing two-night shows again. And I’d really like to try and forget about the fact that I work in a Mexican restaurant so it’ll be a crapshow until 2am tonight. Ack. Also the fact that my usual Monday workout last night kicked my butt like I was talking about the teachers’ mamas. Everything hurts.

It’s America’s Choice. I’ve got no idea what’s going on there, but it should be fun.

Dancing With the Stars trios, Week 8: Nastia Liukin, Riker Lynch, and Rumer Willis

Dancing With the Stars trios, Week 8: Nastia Liukin, Riker Lynch, and Rumer Willis

Round One: America’s Choice

Noah & Sharna – it’s not until a dance like this that you realize it really is amazing what he’s doing because due to the fact that he’s got most of a prosthetic leg, he isn’t able to move the same on both sides. He pulled it off! It looks like he’s finally getting out of his head and just enjoying dancing. And random thought, but Sharna’s the reason I decided to highlight my hair red. I hope they make it through tonight’s double elim.

Chris & Witney – I’m not even going to wait to see the dance before I say I hope he goes tonight. Should be decent though, Witney is really good at contemporary. Okay, that one lift they did out of her arabesque was pretty cool. Yeah, it was pretty good, good for him. But it still looked like she did more than he did.

Riker & Allison – still happy he got Len’s first 10. Oh my God, that penguin thing was hilarious. And not that it matters, but I love Allison’s practice clothes. I’ll eventually do a blog post on practice clothes, but that will come later. Note on the costumes, I love navy blue instead of black. I learned it from the The Great Gatsby‘s costume designer; in all those huge party scenes, she had Leonardo DiCaprio wear navy blue in lieu of black, and it’s a very subtle change, but he stood out a lot more among all those people. Okay, on to the dance. He is just absolutely stunning on the dance floor. I don’t even know what to say. Riker danced this so gorgeously, I may have teared up a bit. I accidentally saw he got 10s, YAY! I know I shouldn’t say it, but I hope he wins it all.

Robert & Kym – I’m entirely too old to buy into showmance, but I so ship these two. What is it about contemporary that makes him look so much younger? Robert danced this with pretty incredible fluidity. (Definitely more than Chris.)

Nastia & Derek/Sasha – oh man, this will be cool, I love Fall Out Boy and dances to them. Cool of them to video chat the fan. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think Sasha actually partners Nastia better than Derek does. She had incredible sharpness in all the right places, and just as a personal preference, I love love LOVE paso dobles that look more like a FIGHT! It was a really cool nuance when she “flipped” him overΒ  her shoulder. This was awesome. I can’t believe I’m saying this either, but at this point, I’m fine with Derek just being off to the side…

Rumer & Val – LOVING her look for this rumba. That deep red dress is my dream come true (though I probably would have done a bias cut on the skirt, but that’s me). And I like what Val’s done, too, because I’m tired of him always ripping his shirt off. Not that it was bad, but it wasn’t the dance I was expecting. This seemed like more of an Argentine Tango in a way; I guess because the music was more of an American rumba than International and their posture was A. Tango-hunchy at times? Saw by accident, but kind of surprised it got a perfect score.

Round Two: Trios

Noah & Sharna & Emma – this is a good team, because Emma and Sharna think similarly. This is going to be really cool. Didn’t feel like much of a salsa, but it was awesome to watch. This is one of those times I’m just thankful for the way things worked out. YAY FOR NOAH AND SHARNA!

Chris & Witney – unsurprised that they chose Lindsay, because she and Witney are pretty much twins; they grew up together and dance very alike. He didn’t dance it badly, but there was nothing really difficult here and there was zero shaping on his part. Love the girls’ costumes, though.

Riker & Allison & Brittany – digging this combo, and I’m guessing Allison is good at Jazz. And I’m betting that Riker will totally be able to handle these two firecrackers. For the first time, I can see what people are saying when they say his arms are slightly effeminate, and those tight pants he always wears didn’t help, but good GOD, can this guy move! I didn’t even watch the girls at all and I felt like I was partying with him! YAAAASSSSS, Riker.

Robert & Kym & Jenna – whoa, he is a strong dude and he has a fantastic attitude. Clever concept, too. He fell a bit of time on the Corta Jacas, but I really enjoyed this dance, and it looked and felt like a samba and he had the time of his life. Caught a glimpse of the scores while fast forwarding; uncalled for. They seem to really want him out of here.

Nastia & Derek & Sasha – oh wow, that package was ugly. Probably uglier than the week actually was. Oh, THIS is clever staging. Derek’s hair looks hilarious.She could have a little better rebound on her kicks and flicks, but impressive job on her part. This dance was an all-around win on everyone’s part. It’s hard, I should think, to choreograph to a song with so many tempo changes, let alone do it with THREE people and injuries. EMMY BAIT!!! OOH, PERFECT SCORE! Well deserved. They haven’t been very liberal with the 10s this season.

Rumer & Val & Artem – I just noticed it in these bumpers, but I am loving what a masculine dancer Artem is. Rumer’s dress is beautiful. But couldn’t they have added more to her color palette? She finally to wear red in week 7 and now that’s all she’s wearing. I actually really liked the, in a way, aloof persona she portrayed in her paso, though I did notice she fell out of her turns a little bit and her shoulders came up super high at times. Really liked this one.

Long story short, we have Noah, Riker, Chris, Robert, Nastia, and Rumer. We lose two tonight. I think the final three standing should be Riker, Nasia, and Rumer. I only hope Chris goes tonight. I don’t really want to lose anyone else because I love Noah/Sharna and Robert/Kym’s partnerships, but those aforementioned three I think will give the best show in week 10.

Who are you rooting for?


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