Lesson 7: Rrrrrrumba.

What’s up, ballroom dancers?

Went in for my lesson yesterday really excited. My black Karinas finally arrived on Wednesday, so in celebration I picked out a special outfit: tight black tank and slinky asymmetrical black skirt. If I do say so myself, the combination of the tank, the skirt, and the black shoes was super sexy. And the shoes by themselves looked even sexier on the floor! I may or may not have spent most of the lesson just looking at the shoes as I moved in them.

Anyhoo, Teach arrived and I chatted with him about how he had been thinking about my routines and how I spent most of my nights this past week on Slavik and Karina’s Dancing Basics With Passion series, refreshing myself on the Latin syllabus and its terminology. I then told him I didn’t understand the difference between a spiral and a curl. So he showed me.

And then before I knew it, he was choreographing my rumba routine. When I wrote it down afterward, it was, I want to say, 18-20 figures. Nearly done! Now I’m glad I stayed up so late watching those syllabus videos, because maybe otherwise in one 45 minute session, we wouldn’t have gotten so far into a routine, let alone also fix technique nuances in every figure.

Stefano di Filippo & Dasha (c) DanceSport Photography

Dance Legends 2014 – Stefano di Filippo & Dasha (c) DanceSport Photography

Stefano and Dasha. *sigh* They are THE most gorgeous couple. I can’t put my finger on it, but their rumbas have some sort of incredible silent power. I don’t even know how to explain it, but it’s absolutely spellbinding to watch.

On another note, it really cracked me up that we’ve reached the point where Teach knows exactly how to reach me. The biggest issue he’s detecting, at the moment, is that he can clearly see my mind understands everything he says, but my body isn’t showing the same commitment. When I did my Fan, he told me to dance it to an imaginary really hot guy I saw in the corner (I’m picturing David Beckham) and stay over there until he’d pull me into my weight change like “HEY, where you going”? THAT’s when my Fan became awesome. Hilarious.

He also told me something that I thought was sort of insane. We were doing Opening Outs to left and right, and he was showing me the different ways to execute them. He told me obviously when I’m dancing with him, I can trust him, but when I’m by myself practicing, not to be afraid to fall.

Um…excuse me? Hit that rock-hard floor? I’d rather not.

Apparently that could be what’s impeding my mobility, that I’m trying to be safe. Which is odd because I know on my first go around in the ballroom, I moved a lot, but it ended up looking wild in a totally uncontrolled way. That’s not the move. So maybe it has something to do with the face that I’m trying to have a lot more control. I’m not even really doing much with my arms (styling used to really be my thing, too).

Or maybe I’m just overthinking things. “Don’t be afraid to fall” strikes me as odd though, because he’s seen me stumble all through my Sliding Doors. My balance is still not fantastic on those (but I’m not having this problem at all with this routine). What makes that different?

OOH, that’s a good question to ask him next week.

On another note, America’s Ballroom Challenge is back on PBS!!! It premieres tonight at 9PM EST; tonight’s episode is Smooth and Rhythm. Check your local listings! I’ve been waiting weeks for this, I’m so excited!

Here’s the trailer to tide you over in the meantime. Can’t wait! Liana’s dress is stunning. Make sure you tune in so we can talk about it πŸ™‚


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