DWTS 20, Week 5: Disney Week

Good day, ballroom dancers!

All right, so I saw all over Instagram that everyone was super excited for Disney Week on DWTS, and they all looked stunning. Let’s see what went down. Again, of course, skipping judges’ comments because having heard so many contradicting different critiques over the years, they’re full of crap.

The intro performance by the pros was absolutely adorable. I have such an appreciation for these types of numbers, I guess, because my dance persona is very “bombshell”. So obviously, I can appreciate the sexy, but it is beautiful to see everyone in tails and ballgowns looking like royalty, taking it back to the times where etiquette was everything. And, of course, every girl dreams of being a Disney princess πŸ™‚

Suzanne & Tony – there are times when even though you know in your head that all the greats experienced what you did, you still feel like you are horrible. Good on Tony for the talk. Obviously, she forgot some choreo but what she did, she executed beautifully. Relaxed and she looked gorgeous doing it.

Robert & Kym – WOW, that sucks about reality TV that just when you think you’re having a private moment, it gets plastered ALL over television. I totally didn’t feel like I should have seen that. I never thought the guy from Shark Tank would be such a showman. He did fall off time in the beginning, but he was absolutely into it 100% like he always is.

Patti & Artem – he is just such a gentleman. He is so great with her! Anyway, she didn’t do a lot because it was a very simple waltz, but it just looked so pretty and made you feel good!

Willow & Mark – he always has to go over the top. That rabbit face is kind of freaking me out. Willow was kind of hopping at first, but then settled into it very nicely. Mark’s theatrics are exhausting, but I actually really liked everything about this number. And, I guess, this is the week for a real production.

Chris & Witney – of course he would get the song from Hercules. Oh geez, he looks really depressed. People who feel like that when they dance just shouldn’t dance; that is the opposite of what dance is meant to do to you. And it really hurts to watch.

Noah & Sharna – that standing O last week was completely warranted. This partnership is beyond perfect. Sharna is tough and still kind. Oh, this dance was adorable. And a foxtrot so I have no idea how she’s so able to make you forget that he is MISSING AN ARM! Brilliant on her part to focus on sway instead of rise and fall. Isn’t getting the sway way harder? On a petty note – I hope he doesn’t ever allow them to do that to his hair again.

Riker & Allison – okay, I DEFINITELY cannot move as fast as he can, let alone with that precision. They FINALLY were able to meet in the middle; their energies finally matched! Not seeing a lot of syllabus paso, but he sure as hell sold it and he really finishes every one of his actions. HOT. Riker is totally my #MCM all day, errday for season 20.

Rumer & Val – SHE JUMPED IN A POOL WEARING A FOUR THOUSAND DOLLAR DRESS. I know she was being silly, but I am infuriated. She had nice hip action on that, uh…one samba lock. But this samba barely moved and looked more like cha cha. It was a good show. I don’t think I will ever forgive her for that pool thing. I know I’m projecting, but it would take me months to earn the money that dress was worth and she jumped into a pool with it. It kind of makes me want to ram my fist through the television. And one more thing: HOW did she get away with “Uhh no, give that song to somebody else”?

Nastia & Derek – Frozen is the devil. No wonder their practice spaces looked so familiar to me; they’re NYU buildings! Okay, I went into this already hating this routine just because I’m so sick of Frozen, but that was beyond amazing. I usually hate lip syncing, because most of the time it’s idiosyncratic, unintentional, and ends up looking stupid. When the people know they’re doing it, I don’t have a problem. But Nastia is really impressive, because Derek puts so many little intricacies into their routines and she doesn’t miss a step. And silhouettes are pretty much my favorite thing. (I also am a little mad at Derek dragging Nastia across the floor in that dress, but not as much.)

Aww, Suzanne went home. There are others I would have preferred to go instead, but I’m working out at the time the show airs, plus no one had really made an impression on me until now, so I always forget. I should set a reminder.

Next week is Spring Break week? Well, that’s kind of…I’ll be quiet.

On the other side, I’ve got my lesson tomorrow! I’m a little nervous because Teach gave me so much info I have zero recollection of it all. And practice didn’t feel like it went very well. But growing pains, I guess.


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