DWTS 20, Week 4: Most Memorable Year

Hey, dancers!

I’ve got my lesson tomorrow and have just been practicing my sliding doors (it doesn’t hurt anymore!). Just thought I’d get my DWTS opinions in before I meet up with Teach and he decides to try and kill me with something else.

I keep thinking it’s corny that every week has to have a theme. But Personal Story week is always a good one – if for nothing else, the performances it elicits are, without fail, why we as humans love the arts. My two all-time favorites were J.R. Martinez’ rumba and Amy Purdy’s contemporary. I’m not a very sensitive observer, but I still remember how those two dances sent me into hysterics. But I also like seeing a variety of stories – I don’t think it all has to be about tragedy; some can be about triumph.

Nastia & Derek – that was a MASTERPIECE. Derek’s choreo is 90% of the reason I still watch the show, but I’ve been underwhelmed by his ATs for a while because he keeps using the same steps, but this was something else. Nastia did spend most of it in the air, but seeing as how it’s about how her entire life all came to a head at the Olympics gymnastics event, makes perfect sense. She’s sort of the ice queen – in a good way! Lifts were unbelievable. Song was done gorgeously, costuming beautiful. Breathtaking.

Michael & Peta – easily his best dance. He finally let go of trying so hard to be perfect, and the result was beautiful long lines, and you FINALLY really “felt” him. Too bad he was the one to go – I think this was his breakthrough.

Riker & Allison – in this dance, he seemed to lose the “rock star” persona that sets him apart. The thing is, oddly…Allison might have been the problem. He looked like he got this. But then you could see he had trouble actually leading her because she was just so stiff. I really hope that her inexperience doesn’t end up being his handicap here, because I think Riker could actually go really far here.

Robert & Kym – amazing. He was really humbled by this experience. AHH, I love long micropleated skirts! I love that they didn’t make the dance about the tragedy, just made it a lovely tribute to his beloved mom. He improves steadily, and I love this partnership.

Chris & Witney – she looks stunning, I love this dress. But it’s not even a “maybe” – she did most of the dancing here and he barely moved. I guess he had nice fluidity? His natural opening out looked nice, even though they only went out a couple inches…

Patti & Artem – sang nine months pregnant in six-inch heels? I knew she was my kind of girl. Yaaasss, SASS!!! And I’m liking Artem more every week. Her son knew exactly what her problem was – she needs to DO more. But then the ensuing issue is that with more steps, she moves smaller. But her smile is infectious. Resistance is futile.

Rumer & Val – people are gross. She is beautiful. I could do with less Taylor Swift faces and some more Rumer ones. But during her package, he finally let go of the edge and we saw HER. I am ABOUT that gown, too. I’m afraid the music didn’t allow for much waltz, but what she did was executed well, I guess…but the fact that it was one of those “in-between” dances (not much waltz, somehow looked contemporary) kind of made it fall flat.

Suzanne & Tony – WHO DESIGNED HER DRESS? Oy. She’s absolutely loosened up, and is definitely more fluid and had some beautiful lines. Love how it became a happy tribute to her friend John Ritter.

Willow & Mark – nice use of the troupe. I know it’s just a story, but The Hunger Games is about childrens’ mass murder…not really something you want to see. Great theatrics, awesome choreography. She acted it impressively, but at times it was hard to even see her.

Noah & Sharna – what an incredible story. One of the best parts of the people like him and Amy Purdy is that there was probably a point where they thought they would never be able to dance again, and just the gratitude that is already embedded in them is incredible to watch. This man is a hero. I actually watched the judges’ comments here and am so glad I did – this was a moment that we all live for as human beings. He won the night for me. The ballroom-wide standing O was more than warranted.

Big announcement: another DWTS tour starring Melissa? Umm…okay? And the Switch-Up is canceled? RAR. I was excited to see Riker with someone else. But otherwise, eh. You ever notice people are almost always re-paired with pros that dance similarly to their original? So other than for Riker, I’ll survive.

What did you think? Who killed it? Who crashed and burned?


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