DWTS 20 Week 3: Latin Night

I have some time before going to work, so I’ll just get this DWTS episode out of the way really quick.


“Latin Night”. Yeah, okay, we’ll see.

Not that it matters, but why is big hair and skimpy clothes always the first thing people associate with Latinos? I do like the choreo on this opening number though.

Rumer & Val – I saw this “injury” on Wendy Williams. I laughed my arse off. Too much you can do with that. I like the girls’ costumes. Oh no, her arms on the shines, ack. Tony did that last lift with me once without my even knowing. I suddenly was standing on his other side whimpering. She did a great job on this, though.

Charlotte & Keo – this dress is absolutely gorgeous. They look beautiful together…but she really doesn’t get the concept of delayed action. However, she’s creating a lot of pretty pictures here. And I heard about that nasty comment Bruno made to her. OUT OF LINE.

Michael & Peta – she is AWESOME with lifts. He has good rhythm, but is still really in his head.


Riker & Allison – OK. It’s official, I’m in love with him. This guy is a MAN – he LEADS the woman – and he can move like a ssss…well…a serpent. For lack of a better word. And he’s got some insane energy.

Suzanne & Tony – what is it with this show and the Copacabana? She could get a little more pop into her knees to make her hips move even more, but she’s good. She would destroy people in a real competition.

Chris & Witney – considering that this is a dance game show, he is taking it all way too seriously. Her dress is beautiful. And I always know when pros use others pros’ stuff! Hah. Chris is being kind of heavy on his feet but some hell of a lifter. What?! This routine was 30 seconds long.

Robert & Kym – her dress, LOVE. I like his mindset, where he always just tries to be better than the day before. Aww, I’m getting the Sharkaroo fuzzys again πŸ™‚ he looks so dapper. Not a lot of hip action, but pretty good extensions and he was definitely the rock here.

Patti & Artem – oh, she is too funny. Hmm, he’s a pretty good partner for her. She’s doing what looks more like club cha cha, a lot of shuffling. Not much content, but eh. She’s a goddess.

Side note, do the show people know that there are Latin songs that have waltz/viennese waltz beats? Major fail that everyone did Latin dances here. Henry’s looking like a cast member of The Vampire Diaries. In a good way though.

Willow & Mark – ok, these costumes are cheesy. I can tell this is a Rodrigo & Gabriela song, and I adore their music. Willow was here for this dance, even though Mark looks like those corny claymation Christmas movies. She should have let go of her fear.

Noah & Sharna – HOLY MUSCLES. Could this man possibly have any more power in his body? I knew these lifts would be awesome. And he must have some insane core strength seeing how he didn’t fall over when he came off his other foot on the final pose.

Nastia & Derek – anyone see what I mean about ribs crunching? Crazy. I guess I like the choreo (oddly, I almost never like his content-heavy routines)? I didn’t think I would say this, but I just don’t care for the way Nastia danced it. I guess she was going for literal “bounce action”; she’s doing this samba jumping up and down, but it reads “cheerleader” or “majorette”. I wonder whose influence that was. OOH, I watched this dance for the fifth time and just noticed the backwards hopping cross-body lead – THAT was cool.

Too bad Charlotte was the one to go. She seemed sweet, but at the same time, it was painful to see what she was going through. What did you think?


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