The addiction. The ballroom.

My name is Anna and I am a ballroom dance addict.

Ok, maybe that’s not totally true. My whole life, I have always been performance addict first, dance addict second.

It started in 2010 when I saw this.

I have no idea what it was about this, but it has not left my mind since. I had just entered my teen years when I saw Nicole Scherzinger here’s career launch on the reality show Popstars, and have followed her career ever since then. She was probably the only reason I even got into this. But I saw this dance and just felt an instant magnetism to everything about it. The spectacle of it all.

Probably the next day, I picked one studio and started taking classes. Except I rushed into it, as I tend to do, and got in way over my head. I was only able to take group classes for a few months. After that, I took private lessons and did a showcase, all of which were entirely too expensive and basically drained my financial supply for months; therefore, I had to stop dancing. Not a day went by that I didn’t think about it, listened to its beats, or make a decision related to it. I knew I would come back to the ballroom. How sure was I? I spent an entire paycheck on a pair of Aida Karinas with no lessons or anything of the sort on the horizon.

It’s finally happening. Four years later. There’s so much I wish I’d known back then. I know there’s also a lot I’m going to have forgotten about it. There are a lot of questions I will still have because there’s way too much I haven’t yet experienced in the ballroom.

And that’s why I’ve decided to start this blog. To share a journey and have a place for all those questions to be answered. Also…we ballroom addicts need more places, more ways, to come together and get our fix.

Comment below! Ask questions, give suggestions for what you want to see here, tell me I’m nuts because Nicole essentially burnt out at the end of her dance (I’ve noticed), anything. I want to hear from the rest of you, the others who crave the rush they get from a slick foxtrot or red-hot samba.


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